The environmental and social benefits of riding a scooter


Replacing your daily car or public transport journey with an electric scooter ride has numerous benefits. Here are some ways how riding an electric scooter can improve your health, contribute to a better society, save you money, and give you back more time in your life.


Replacing your car journey for an electric scooter reduces carbon emissions by 3 tonnes, which is equivalent to planting 46 trees! (figures based on a 5km journey, 5 days per week, over 3 years versus an average 2-litre petrol car)


Cities with fewer cars on the road mean less pollution, less congestion, and less noise. We, at Scooter Hut, share a vision with our customers who want to be part of something meaningful and purposeful in changing the way we move around our cities. Public transport is hugely expensive to taxpayers, largely unreliable, and very inefficient to society. Electric scooters allow you to get to where you need to without any waiting, without infringement of personal space, and any cost. 

Individual Health 

Riding an electric scooter is an exhilarating and fun way to get to work. Why should you be arriving at work stressed from traffic jams, delayed buses, or packed train carriages when you can get to work at your own pace, safely and effortlessly? 80% of scooter riders who we surveyed in Brisbane City (September 2022) told us they were “significantly happier” when arriving at work on an electric scooter than they had been when either driving, walking, or catching public transport. Starting your day with a smile and arriving at work feeling “alive” is a huge mental health benefit, that is often undervalued.  

Save time 

No more delays. No more traffic jams. No more finding a parking space. When you need to be home, at the gym, at a class or meeting a friend you can be sure you will be there on time when you take your electric scooter.   

Save money

An electric scooter requires no registration, no road tax, no insurance, no fuel, no paid parking, and does not depreciate in value as heavily as a car. You could be saving as much as $11,385 per year by swapping your car for an electric scooter.


Scooter Hut is determined to make a real, meaningful impact on the way we all travel every day. It’s one thing to talk the talk – we’re walking the walk (or riding the ride). After all, our business asks you to adopt new, more ecological ways of getting around, so we must play our part too. 

Our goal is to be as sustainable as we can, and we’re constantly looking for and testing new ways to make ourselves greener and kinder to our environment. Here are just some of the things we’re up to… 

Operating our business with a lighter touch 

We like to think of our warehouse, offices, and showrooms as places where we can put our best foot forward – but this shouldn’t come at the expense of the environment. We've taken the following steps to improve our impact on the environment.

Reducing Waste 

Every year, hundreds of tons of waste is generated from retail spaces alone, so we’re on a journey to progressively reduce the amount we throw away to landfill. When we open at a new location, we select spaces that mean we can open with minimal impact, reuse materials wherever we can to minimise what goes to waste, and install procedures that ensures as little waste as possible is generated by our business. 

Going Solar 

We installed solar panels in our main warehouse and offices, to reduce our reliance on coal-fired power from the grid. This has resulted in over 80% of our electricity usage now coming from clean, renewable solar energy. 

Replacing inefficient lighting: 

We have been replacing all warehouse and retail store lighting with energy-efficient LED lights. These energy-efficient lights reduce our carbon footprint by using significantly less energy from the grid. 


We recycle everything we can at the end of its life, from lithium batteries to aluminium components to paper and packaging.  

We offer reuseable eco carry bags in our showrooms, and our packaging for online orders is almost exclusively made from recyclable cardboard. 

We are continually working with our suppliers to reduce the amount of plastic in packaging, and where we can we are trying to remove packaging altogether from some products. 

The foam that comes in our electric scooter boxes to protect the scooter is 100% biodegradeable.