New Invictus 2: Lighter and high-performance pro scooter

Oct 07, 2022
New Invictus 2: Lighter and high-performance pro scooter

Usually, the common factors to master any skill are reduced to continuous practice and good tools. In the case of scooter riding as a sport, owning a well-designed pro scooter can completely change the way the person manoeuvres the device and is able to perform tricks and progress quickly in the sport.

Then, when looking for a proper pro scooter it is important to take into consideration the features of the scooter and how these can affect the outcome of your actions.

Having said that, Scooter Hut is excited to announce the official release of the new range of Invictus 2 Complete Scooter, a new product created by Root Industries which combines great features that makes this pro scooter a weapon for any person who wants to take their practice to the next level.

What is new in the Invictus 2 Pro scooter?

Overall, one of the main elements that change the way you move and flow with the scooter is defined by the weight of the pro scooter. As general rule the lighter the gadget, the easier to handle, manipulate and play. Luckily the updated features in the Invictus 2 include the lightweight components and new additional features all designed to offer a more comfortable ride to the trick rider, pro or that person who is just getting into riding.

Signature Honeycore wheels

The cut-out pattern in this Root Industries scooter wheels save significant weight in the scooter, positioning them as the lightest scooter wheel on the market at 170 grams. These ultra-light 110mm x 24mmwill give you more freedom and will allow you to try more fluid movements. Plus, the interesting design of the honeycore beyond being practical also makes it a standout piece.

Honeycore Cut-Out Top Deck Plate

The new layout in the Invictus 2 deck includes an optimised design foot space of 355 mm, which will give you extra room to stand on more comfortable, allowing you to prepare for your tricks and to have a proper space to land on.

Also, the honeycore holes pattern in the plate of the deck will save you extra weight, making it a more balanced and lightweight piece to play with. Therefore, you will have extra space without the extra cost of a heavier piece.

HMA Aluminium bars

Aluminium is one of industry the favourites materials for scooters and it’s not for nothing: the water-proof features, the corrosion-resistant characteristics, and its UV ray’s protection properties make it a great choice. The HMA specific is a variant of 6061 aluminium, a 50% stronger material compared to regular scooter bars, making the Invictus 2 scooter an unbreakable piece.

ABEC-11 bearings

Remember that the bearings in your scooter are the element that can make the wheel of your scooter run freely and frictionless, so even those 6 little balls can completely change the way your scooter runs.

Root Industries bearings are well known for their excellent performance, if you are looking for faster and long-lasting bearings. This is another reason why Root Industries had decided to equip its new creation Invictus 2 with this famous feature aiming to give you an unrivalled speed gain.

R2 Handlebar grips

Another great feature of the Invictus 2 scooter is the longer, softer and high-quality grips. Thought to give you a perfect and comfortable grasp while trying your insane tricks.

Extra features

Finally, another great character in the Invictus 2 includes a lightweight aluminium fork, lithium double clamp and integrated AIR headset that will resist the bravest movements and tricks.


To summarize, the Invictus 2 is a great option that combines the ultimate features of design and quality materials while keeping it affordable, making it accessible for any rider who is looking for quick progress their scooting practice. Check out here this new scooter.

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