The Best Father’s Day gifts for the coolest dad

Oct 07, 2022
The Best Father’s Day gifts for the coolest dad

Socks, undies, coffee cups with an engraved message, we all have done it and even though fathers don’t complain, but deep inside, maybe they are wishing to be surprised with something different, with something COOL.

This year is your opportunity, the perfect time to redeem yourself with a great present for that your special dad (husband or grandpa). At Scooter Hut we took the task for finding the best gifts seriously and together with the coolest dads in our team, we have created the Best Father’s Day gift list for the coolest dads.

e-Glide G120 Electric Scooter

Let’s start with something exciting, this electric scooter from e-Glide is a great option for a dad that is always keen to try something new. The e-Glide G120 Electric Scooter is an alternative option to tackle the daily commute to work. This scooter has up to 45km range and a speed of 25 km, making traveling everyday to work fun, cheap, and environmentally friendly. That’s a cool dad thing, right?

Kaabo WOLF WARRIOR X PRO Electric Scooter

If your dad is a adventure and speed lover this Wolf Warrior X Pro Electric Scooter is for him. Rated as the  World’s #1 Electric Scooter, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior will take dad off road on any tough fast paced adventure filled outdoor journey. This scooter makes the perfect present for the adventure adrenaline chasing dad. Find more about this scooter  here.

i-Glide METRO Commuter Scooter

Take back dad to the youth days with this push scooter, perfect to go for a ride with the kids on the weekend. This adult scooter is designed to comfortably navigate city walks and pathways, equipped with high precision bearings wheels that will offer dad a fast, silent, and smooth ride, so even though he hasn't done it in a long time, nobody would know.

Thousand Heritage Bike Helmet 

Kind of getting sort out some cool ideas for gifts for the coolest dad, isn’t it? and nothing cooler than a ride (scooter, bike, hoverboard…) safely and with style. The 50s-60s vintage and minimalist look in Thousand Heritage Helmet beyond being a standout accessory will also offer full protection to dad (AS/NZS 2063:2008 certified), which will give us peace of mind.

Root Industries T-Shirt 

If your dad is already cool enough (and already owe something of the last options), or maybe you are keen to complement your gift, why not choose this Root Industries tee. Made with natural fibers (combed cotton) and with a great design will offer comfort on an endless summer day. Not his kind of color? No worries, check the full range of designs and colours of  t-shirts.

Root Industries Socks

Here we go. We want to satisfy everyone and even though we whined about socks and undies. We still want to make our last recommendation for the most “traditional” who still want to give socks to dad. However, we want to make it worth it. That’s why we highlight these colorful and fresh style  Root Industry socks that will give dad a cool look (even if he is not).

With Father’s Day just right in the corner, we want to make sure you have enough time to choose the right present. 

Explore our website and find the perfect gift for your special and cool dad.

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