How to find the right size scooter?

Oct 07, 2022
How to find the right size scooter?

When it comes to choosing the perfect scooter, variables like the materials, design, weight and even size are important to make sure you have chosen the perfect fit for you.

In terms of scooter size, this factor is extremely significant to ensure you have a comfortable but especially safer ride. One of the parts of the scooter that will determine its size is the height of the bar, so how do you know what will be the best size bar for you?

As a basic rule, the height of the scooter bar should be between the belly bottom and waist when standing on the deck of the scooter and the width of the bar should be shoulder width. If you are planning to purchase a scooter for a child, it is recommended to get a bar a little bit taller than the above measurements as kids grow quickly ensuring the scooter has a longer period of use.

However, even though you can be tempted to get a bigger scooter to save some future money, remember this is a scooter not a school uniform, so it is better to always opt for a piece that your kids can handle easily and with confidence. Always remembering a bar too big can be a threat for your face or a bar too small can also negatively affect your lower back.

We always recommend visiting your local Scooter Hut stores to be able to check and try in real life all the options of sizes of pro scooters and bars according to your physical needs. However, if you still prefer to do your shopping online and want to make sure you have made the right decision, follow the below specifications to give you a clear understanding of the correct sizing measurements.

Look up the measurements

  • Rider's height: 109 cms to 137 cms
  • Rider's height: 145 cms to 160 cms
  • Rider's height: 168 cms to 183 cms

Our recommendations

We have chosen our most popular scooter models and display some information that can become handy when comparing size information of different complete scooters:

Scooter Model

Overall Height Bar Height
I-Glide JR Complete 800mm | 31.5 inches 540mm | 21.3 inches
DNA-Ti Scooter Hut Small 810mm | 31.9 inches 560mm | 22 inches
Root Industries Invictus 2 850 mm | 33.46 inches 610 mm | 24.1 inches
Envy Prodigy S8 Complete 865mm | 34.1inches 620mm | 24.4 inches

What about deck size?

Another factor that can affect the way you play your scooter is defined by the size of the deck, let’s start by acknowledging that the lightest the deck the easy is to manoeuvre the moment of making tricks and flips.

Therefore, if you intend to use your scooter on skateparks, the general choice is going to be small decks in length and width, on the other side, if you are looking to have a street scooter you people generally choose to get a wider and longer deck.

Size matters: Wheels

Another part of your scooter to pay attention to will be the size of the wheel, which commonly comes in 100mm, 110mm and 120mm sizes. To give you a rough idea, smaller wheels are usually lighter, keep you closer to the ground and makes it easier to flick the scooter, so if you are a beginner scooter rider this can be a great start.

On the flip side, larger wheel sizes run smoother and offer a greater speed making them perfect for intermediate to advanced riders.

Saying this, remember that in terms of wheels choice it really depends on personal preferences.

If you still need help with choosing the perfect scooter, contact our  expert team for personalised advise. 

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