How To Choose the Right Sized Scooter.

Oct 07, 2022
How To Choose the Right Sized Scooter.

Need Help Choosing the Right Size Scooter?

Scooter Hut takes pride in finding the perfect scooter for every rider.

We know that scooters, just like riding styles, are all different and choosing the perfect complete scooter for you is not always an easy task. One of the most common questions we get is “what size scooter do I need?”... and for good reason, a scooter with a bar that is too tall or too short for a rider is not only uncomfortable but can also be unsafe and create a dangerous risk of injury. Probably more importantly to the rider though, it holds back your progression.

With over 10 years of experience as a dedicated freestyle scooter store, Scooter Hut knows exactly what you need to know to find the right size scooter for you!

Obviously, the best way to check if a scooter is the right size for you is to view it in person! Thankfully our 11 stores across Australia stock the largest range of freestyle scooters in the country, and our expert staff can walk you through the decision-making process to find the perfect ride for you!

If you’re purchasing online though, we understand that finding the perfect scooter can seem challenging, so all of our complete scooters feature the specifications you need to find the perfect fit and there’s some easy tips to selecting the perfect height for you!

It’s all in the height...

The most important thing to look at when finding the right size pro scooter is going to be the overall height, which we measure from the ground to where you hold the bars.

Every rider will have a sweet spot, the most comfortable and practical height for your bars to be.

Generally speaking, your hands should hold the bar somewhere between your belly button and hips while riding. Any taller than the bottom of your sternum and the risk of hitting your chin is extremely high, and any lower than your hips and you can develop posture or back problems as you grow.

For younger or beginner riders, don’t be afraid of a little extra height and width than what your first instinct is as it can promote good control and stability while you’re learning.

For park riders, doing more technical, whip orientated tricks, a shorter bar is usually suggested (closer to the hips), and for street riders, doing more rail oriented tricks, a taller bar is usually suggested (closer to the belly button) but ultimately it comes down to personal preference and what works best for you.

Finding the Sweet Spot

To measure a rider for overall height, it’s best to have them stand on the scooter with one foot on the deck and one foot on the ground, as if they were pushing off to ride. If you don’t have a scooter to test with, you can pretend as if you’re standing on one and get the same results.

Get the rider to test holding their hand at different heights to find the spot that feels most comfortable for them. They might feel a little silly, but get the rider to really act as if they were on the scooter for the most accurate results.

Once the rider has their hands in the most comfortable position for them, measure from the ground to where their hands are and you have your target overall height!

But what about everything else?

Because complete scooters are designed as a whole product, to suit a more generic range of riding styles, the parts on the scooter are inherently made to work perfectly together. So, finding the perfect height for your scooter generally means you’re going to be on the money with the other key measurements.

However, riding style can often dictate the size range you may look for in a deck on a complete scooter. Generally speaking, decks that are suited to park riding will be a little thinner and shorter, usually around 4.5” - 5.1” x 19” - 20”. Wider and Longer decks, these days, anywhere from 5.1” - 6.0” x 21” - 23” are generally suited to more street orientated riding.

Wheel size as well, has a lot more options these days, but really comes down to personal preference and style of riding. Like car tyres, all have slightly different properties, but inherently all do the same thing and we do suggest trying different varieties over time, you’ll be surprised what it does for your progression! 24mm x 110mm is your stock standard option and really suits any style of riding, but if you like a bit more flow, grip, stability or control you may want to look at other variants like wider cores (28mm/30mm) or bigger diameters (115mm/120mm).

Scooter Hut is here to help!

Whether you want to reach out to our customer service for more advice or stop in at your local Scooter Hut for a hands-on look, we’ve got you covered! Take advantage of our bar cutting service to get the perfect sizing, let us help you with handy maintenance tips and if you’re looking to make things extra special, we’d love to customise your ride.

Thankfully, you never have to worry about making the wrong decision thanks to our Scooter Hut 90 Day Risk Free Returns and amazing after sales service

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