Oct 07, 2022

Australia’s most popular electric scooter brand is expanding. Kaabo has made their mark on the electric scooter market with their initial offering of electric scooters and June 2020 see’s their range expanded. Scooter Hut is beyond excited as the newest electric scooters from Kaabo are available.

Kaabo’s initial release of electric scooters into Australia has done more than impress. Changing the expectations of electric scooter riders for the better, Kaabo takes electric scooters to the extreme and their new range additions will not disappoint.

There are 7 new models to Kaabos electric scooter range; these scooters cater for all electric scooter riders from commuter to extreme and have great options at all price points. The new Kaabo electric scooter models fit perfectly into their already popular Skywalker and Mantis ranges.

New Sky models

The Kaabo Sky 8 is the brand's new entry level electric scooter, this electric scooter sits at a budget friendly price of only $1099 but that is the only budget thing about the new Skywalker. This electric scooter has a rear 500W motor that makes commuting a dream with hill climbing power and accelerates with ease. This is the perfect commuter folding down in seconds perfect to transport on public transport or in the boot of your car. Check out the full specs and pre order now.

Kaabo’s Skywalker 10H is the urban commuter's dream and would make the perfect electric scooter to cruise around on the weekends. This electric scooter is fitted with 10” wheels which give you a smooth ride while the 800W motor powers this scooter effortlessly through the urban terrain. With a range of 50km, this scooter is ideal for travelling to and from work or school. Folding down in just seconds transporting and storing this scooter is not a worry. Check out the full specs and pre order now.

The Skywalker 10S from Kaabo is the electric scooter built for long distances. This electric scooter has a 1200w motor and huge battery that gives the 10S a maximum range of 90km. You will be cruising in comfort on the Skywalker 10S with the scooters wide deck and 10” tyres, and stopping without a worry as this scooter has the ability to go from 25km/h to a complete stop in just 2.8 metres(as tested by Electric Scooter Guide). Fitted with LED ambient lights along the deck this scooter allows you to cruise at night with excellent visibility and just like all other Skywalker models, the 10S folds down into a compact form in a matter of seconds. Checkout the Full specs and pre order now.

New additions to the Mantis range.

The first edition to the Mantis range is the Kaabo Mantis 8. This new electric scooter is fitted with dual 800W motors and 8 x 3” tubeless tires. The smaller wider tyres on this new Mantis model deliver punchier torque and a wider contact surface for a grippy ride. The wider tyres and the best-in-class suspension that has made Kaabo’s Mantis range so popular set this new scooter up to provide the user with a smooth comfortable ride. Checkout the full specs and pre order now.

Kaabo’s Mantis Duo is a tough looking red and black scooter with powerful dual 1000W motors. This scooter is fitted with Kaabo’s best-in-class suspension, semi-hydraulic brakes and a big 17.5AH battery which gives the rider the range to explore in comfort. This scooter has a range of 70km and with the dual motors the power to explore is easier than ever on this electric scooter. Checkout the full specs and pre order now.

The Next Step up in the new editions to the Kaabo Manits range is the Mantis black and silver Elite. The Elite is the sleek scooter made for the thrill seeker it offers the user both a comfortable and exhilarating riding experience. The Manits Eite is a 1000W dual motor scooter, this scooter is controlled by the industry leading MiniMotors display and controller that delivers unrivaled acceleration to both motors. The battery in this model is an 18.2AH LG battery, this battery upgrade ensures longer charge cycles and helps you travel up to 80km on a single charge. This electric scooter is sure to impress. Check out the full specs and pre order now.

The final new edition to the Kaabo range is the Mantis Pro. This dual 1000W motor scooter is fitted out with every possible upgrade to offer the rider the ultimate electric scooter experience. This scooter has a massive 24.5AH LG battery ensuring the rider great quality and reliability and allows this scooter to travel huge distances (up to 90 km) between charges. It is fitted with the industry leading MiniMotors controller and display powering the dual 1000W motors, the Mantis Pro delivers ultimate acceleration and user customisation. This new model sees the braking performance upgraded to a full-hydraulic system to deliver firm, effortless stopping power and not to be forgotten, Mantis’ signature best-in-class dual suspension for the smoothest ride. Check out the full specs and pre order now.

These electric scooters are some of the most in demand electrics in Australia right now and we can see why, secure yours with Scooter Hut’s Kaabo pre order and be the first in Australia to experience these additions to the Kaabo range. All pre orders will be sent from June 16 2020

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