How to choose the perfect Christmas gift?

Oct 07, 2022
How to choose the perfect Christmas gift?

Christmas is just around the corner, and people are already thinking about all the preparation that comes with the holiday season—beating the rush of the hectic time of the year start by planning and purchasing the gifts for your loved ones on time. Before we help you find the perfect gift, we encourage you to order your goodies NOW, as couriers are experiencing delays due to the impact of COVID-19 restrictions.

Now, let's get back to business. We have created this quick guide to help you choose the perfect gift for Christmas for the entire family.  


If you are thinking of getting a present for a toddler and are stuck with the same ideas, we can help you. A  three-wheel scooter is a fantastic present option. Why? Because scooters are a great way to help kids enhance their motricity skills such as balance, coordination, pushing and pulling and relationship with space, all this happens while your kids are outside and having fun.

At first glance, scooters can look all the same; therefore, before you commit to purchasing a scooter for a toddler, you need to make sure you have selected a high-quality brand. A good scooter provides an easy steer mechanism, significant breaks, a reinforced deck, and other elements that offer a smooth and safe ride, like the i-Glide three-wheel scooter.


Moving the measuring tape a little bit up and now looking for a present for an older kid. We have a couple of options that can work terrific.  INDO trampolines are a fun way to start practising movements and level up motor and control skills.

If, instead, you are thinking of an excuse to make kids go away from the screens and take them to enjoy the outdoors, pro-scooter is the go. Scooter Hut has a range of pro scooters for every skill level, so it doesn't matter if the kid is an amateur or the Messi of scootering. We can help you to select the right fit for you.

Root Industries Invictus v2 and DNA Scooter Hut are great models that combine excellent material and design while keeping affordable, perfect for those who want to start navigating the scootering world.  Envy Prodigy S9 is also a fantastic option if the kid you are thinking of has already some intermediate to advanced riding levels.


Christmas are not just for kids. Adults deserve to be spoiled and receive awesome surprises this season. Make yourself a promise this year and stay away from that perfume that probably they are not going to like, be wise and choose a gift that will be loved.

After a long year of being inside, people are craving to hit the streets. What a better way to nail this goal than by giving a device perfect for creating thrill adventures, commuting to work or just zipping around in a casual Saturday arvo.

Our first thought is an electric scooter. You have probably seen the hype electric scooters are getting, and it is understandable. They are a more sustainable way to travel, cheap to use than a car, and bring so much joy to the daily commute journey. The next question is which one to choose;  Inmotion' Lemotion' has positioned itself as the best electric scooter in the market. This scooter can travel a maximum of 95 km, climb a 30% gradient, and get a maximum of 30 km per hour.

If you still want to give a scooter that means a little more exercise, a push commuter scooter like the i-Glide Metro commute scooter can be an excellent option. This scooter is loaded with dual and rear suspension, which offers a trip bump-free, plus its outstanding design will fit perfectly the body of a tall rider.

Lastly, but not least great, and thinking about those who want to challenge their friends with a new hobby. The  AIR RS v2 pro scooter is a high-quality scooter that features a more extended deck, boxed ends, and integrated peg, suitable for taller riders who either start jumping to scootering or are a master of the field.


If you are still unsure of the option you have in mind, contact one of the member teams soon, who will happily provide you with the best advice according to your specific needs.

Also, keep in mind here in Scooter Hut, we are doing our best to ensure you get your goodies for Christmas time; however, as we said before, purchasing your present with few days in advance can make a huge difference to get or not a smiley face.

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