KingSong N11: The new high-performance electric scooter

Oct 07, 2022
KingSong N11: The new high-performance electric scooter

The pioneer company in personal electric vehicles, KingSong, has stepped out in 2021 and created a high-performance, off-road weapon. The KingSong N11 cheetah. The nickname given to this scooter encapsulates it’s essence and most attractive feature: The power and ability for fast acceleration in mere seconds.

If you are an experienced rider that loves adrenaline and speed, or a scooter savant who appreciates the design's finest details. Then, this latest KingSong invention may be a new toy for you and your thrill adventures. Stay with us and discover all the notable features of the N11.

Powerful & Acceleration

Let's start with the principal feature that made this scooter gain its cheetah nickname. The KingSong N11 delivers 35+ amps per motor, which means a total of 70 amps. Plus, the N11 runs on dual 1200W motors powered by a single, smart control. This translates into excellent performance capabilities regarding torque, speed and climbing control.

For your reference, comparable models on the market with a similar price range typical display an average between 22 to 28 amps and dual-motors between 1000W to 1100W. As you saw before, the engineering on the N11 went beyond, placing this scooter in the next level of high-performance electric rideables.

Braking System

Acceleration and speed require a reliable brake system. The KingSong N11 is outfitted with impressive front and rear full-hydraulic brakes (EABS + hydraulic disc brake), which offers an instantaneous and impressive 0.01s response for the shortest braking distance, so you will be confident and safe when riding it.

Dual Rubber Cartridge Suspension system

The KingSong N11 is designed to be different, and that is noticeably clear when looking at the suspension of this electric scooter. The N11 includes a rubber cartridge suspension system, which, compared with the traditional spring suspension, can absorb more sharp bumps and impacts. This paired with the extra-wide road off-road tyres will deliver a smooth and comfortable ride, all this without sacrificing handling.

Extended Battery

N11 has a 22.4 AH battery. By having a bigger size, you will expect to achieve a maximum 80kms travel on a single charge (ECO mode). This will save you the ride anxiety of knowing if you will get to your destination. This high-performance scooter has an extra feature to automatically switch to small output when you have less power left.

The standard charging time of this scooter is around 9-11 hours; however, as the scooter includes dual charging ports, you can reduce this time in half. Remember that to save this time; you need to purchase a second official KingSong adaptor.

Multifunctional Lighting System

A big part of the technology in the KingSong manufactured goods rest on the principles of innovation and safety. This industry leader scooter includes a 40W headlight that offers clear and scenic visibility even in dark and foggy conditions. Also, the N11 has a customizable RGB tail light and an RGB under glow. Beyond adding to the goal of having excellent visibility, it adds a touch of personality to your gadget and your ride.


The KingSong N11 surprises us one more time with its high-tech characteristics. With this high-performance electric scooter, you will be able to connect your scooter via Bluetooth with the KingSong App, where you can customize plenty of options, like how responsible you wish your throttle to be, lock your scooter, manage your password, and switch the riding mode. Plus, other extra information about your rides like total distance, current trip, battery left and top speed.

There is more

The remarkable things about this scooter don't end here. Additionally, the N11 has a perfect ergonomic design, including a sturdy and robust stem, a wide steady handlebar size with comfy grips, a solid kickstand and a comfortable thumb throttle.

Last, but not least, the N11 features a solid yet simple folding mechanism, this allows for ease of portability when you need it and ensure it stays locked during your ride.

Make it yours now!

Scooter Hut is proud to be the exclusive Australian retailer of the KingSong N11 Cheetah. So, if you are in the market for a new electric scooter and demand nothing but the best, do not miss out and make this weapon yours NOW

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