Benefits of using an electric scooter over a regular kick scooter

Oct 07, 2022
Benefits of using an electric scooter over a regular kick scooter

With increased urbanization, public transport in large cities is packed during peak hours. And after the hard strike of the world pandemic, crowded public transport is not safe at all. Having your car on the road is also not a practical solution because of increased petrol prices, congestion on roads, and environmental pollution.

What if there is an alternative to your car that can be fitness-oriented, pocket-friendly, eco friendly, and can pave the way for you amid a jam-packed city? A commute scooter is such an option. Still, the question is which one to buy, a traditional and regular kick scooter or a sweat-free electric scooter. Read below to know more!

A manually operated regular kick scooter is a two-wheeled vehicle with handlebars and a deck to place your feet. This type of scooter needs the rider to power it by pushing off the ground with one foot. On the other hand, from the exterior, an electric scooter seems to be a kick scooter with additional capabilities. Because an electric scooter is battery-powered, the speed is determined by accelerating with the throttle. The highest speed varies depending on the model, but the rider does not have to do any leg work.

Below are some of the top advantages of an electric scooter over a kick scooter.

1. Electric scooters are portable.

There are numerous  electric scooters on the market, such as the Inokim electric scooter or the new favourite the InMotion S1, that can be taken upstairs or into public transportation. An electric scooter can be pushed into a building and folded up, reducing the risk of theft. 

2. Electric scooters are safer than regular kick scooters.

Kick scooters do not feature brakes or lights, and they cannot go as fast as electric scooters. With both front and rear brakes, e-scooters offer more control over braking and ensure rider stability.

3. Electric scooters offer speed.

A kick scooter is limited by the person's ability to move forward, but an electric scooter has a powerful motor, with some electric scooters reaching speeds of up to 50 km/h (31 mph). You may also monitor and manage an electric scooter by attaching a speedometer to it.

4. An electric scooter is more comfortable.

Electric scooters, such as the eGlide G120 the rider only needs to use the throttle. As a result, riding is a pleasurable experience. An electric scooter can be operated by anyone, while a kick scooter must be operated by someone in good health condition.

5. Electric scooters are more adaptable.

In case of breakdown, a hybrid electric scooter can be used as a kick scooter.

6. Electric scooters are government financed.

Electric scooters make the commute to work a breeze. Many cities are testing e-scooter share programs, with some governments offering incentives for individuals to swap in their automobiles for eco-friendly electric vehicles like electric scooters.


Electric scooters allow individuals to go up to five times faster than walking while being ecologically beneficial, enjoyable, and inexpensive. And, unlike a regular scooter, you're not drenched in sweat when you arrive!

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