Best Skateparks in Australia to try your scooter

Oct 07, 2022
Best Skateparks in Australia to try your scooter

Owning a scooter is a great excuse to be active, get outdoors, and explore different places in your city that you probably didn’t know exist. We have an important task and are committed to the job of convincing you to enjoy the outside, the reason why we will share with you some of our favourite skateparks around Australia, all of them relatively close to our Scooter Hut stores.

Brisbane: Paddington Skatepark

Address: 113 Caxton St, Paddington QLD 4064

If you regularly travel to the CBD of Brisbane, you have probably driven near this legendary street-style skatepark. Located in the inner part of the city, this park over the last ten years has increased in popularity within the Australian skate and scooter community.

This reputation is based thanks to the great and newly added structures, such as new obstacles, the rail combo, the 182 cms concrete pipe, the big center bowl, and some additional hips.

The area also displays different facilities, like toilets, big parking, water taps making a great spot to spend half of the day. Plus, as we promised initially the Paddington Skatepark is only 7 minutes driving or half an hour walking from our Scooter Hut  Brisbane store.

Gold Coast: Miami Skatepark (Pizzey)

Address: Pizzey Park, Miami QLD 4220

There is no surprise that the beachy city has different options of skateparks along the coast. On this occasion, we would highlight our favourite where you can try your scooter tricks: Miami Skatepark.

The skatepark is in the middle of Pizzey Park in the south of Gold Coast, the big extension of the park, the numerous ramps and proximity to the beach, and the renowned, big concrete bowl make it a perfect spot to practice your moves in your Scooter Hut scooter.

Take note, according to the local’s scooter riders, if you need plenty of space for more risky stunts, the best times to go are either early morning or after 8 p.m.

Plus, it will take you just 10 minutes to drive from our Scooter Hut Gold Coast- Robina.

Melbourne: St. Kilda Skatepark and Northcote Hill Skatepark

Addresses: 28 Marine Parade, St Kilda VIC 3182 and 8 Breavington Way, Northcote VIC 3070

Beyond coffee, events, and culture Melbourne also offers some of the best skateparks around Australia. Even though it was a challenging task, we decided to choose just 2 of them, perfect to take your scooter for an afternoon ride.

Our first one is the St Kilda Skatepark, listed in the top 5 best skateparks in Victoria mainly because of the fast speed the rider can get thanks to the super-smooth surfaces, the granite coping, and abundant series of bowls perfect to made do single movement trick in just one go. This skatepark is located just 15 minutes driving or half an hour in public transport (train, tram, or bus) from our Scooter Hut Malvern East.

The second is the Northcote Skatepark and even though it was born as a small park, currently it’s a park with significant skate space for scooter riders. The park has excellent features, like hips that change in level and difficulty, suitable for amateurs’ riders and more scooter pro riders.

The location of the Northcote Skatepark is perfect for the northern Melburnians who are keen to always try different places to shred with their scooters. Also, this skatepark is just 8 minutes driving or even better just 15 minutes scooter ride from our Scooter Hut Fairfield store.

Sydney: Parramatta Skatepark | South Eveleigh Skatepark

Address: James Ruse Reserve Harris, Harris Park | 39B Henderson Rd, Eveleigh NSW 2015

If you want to shred on your adult scooter and put your skills to the next level trying to perfect the best version of your barspin or air movements, this skatepark is a great location for that, as Parramatta skatepark count with half pipes, funbox, different grind rails, and even a 9-foot bowl.

The skatepark is located just 8 minutes walking or 3 minutes in your scooter, from our Scooter Hut Parramatta store, making your visit to our shop a complete winner.

The other great skatepark option, which is also closed to our other Sydney store, is the South Eveleigh Skatepark, a new space for scooter riders and even though its size is relatively small, the crazy angles in the added structures and bricks and granite material, make it in a champion for trying risky scooter movements.

Like any other on the list, this park is just 6 minutes on your car or 7 minutes on your pro scooter from our Scooter Hut Newtown store.

Canberra: Belconnen Skatepark

Address: Altitude, 77 Emu Bank, Belconnen ACT 2617

For more than 20 years the famous Edddison skatepark was ranked as the best skatepark in Canberra, however, since its construction the Belconnen skatepark has stolen the title. The park has an incredible keyhole bowl using for famous competitions, as well as, mellow mini ramps, open banks, and snaking bowls where even the beginner scooter riders can feel more adventurous.

Belconnen skatepark is situated in a busy and accessible area in the northwest of the city, just 5 minutes driving or 17 minutes in your adult scooter from our Scooter Hut Canberra.

West Australia: Bayswater Skate Park  

Address: Embleton WA 6062

 The large extension of the state and the spread of skateparks on it make this task not that easy for this post, we will simply highlight 2 of our favourites that are nearby our Scooter Hut Stores.

The Baywater Skatepark is a great place for more beginner’s scooter riders, advanced scooter rider might find it a little bit pedestrian. The place features bowls rails, large vert ramps, and quarter pipes, ideally for kids and intermediate scooter enthusiasts.

The skatepark is 8 minutes driving or 20 minutes if you opt to use your scooter from our Scooter Hut Cannington 

Final note

Luckily, all around Australia, you will find amazing facilities and skateparks where you can use your scooter and use it as an excuse to get a little bit of vitamin D and body movement.

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