Refurbished electric scooters

Oct 07, 2022
Refurbished Electric Scooters

Refurbished electric scooters are a fantastic way to save money and also help the environment by reducing the number of electric scooters that, through a bit of work by a professional technician, would otherwise be thrown out. 

Scooter Hut refurbished electric scooters are certified by our expert team of technicians. They have been meticulously refurbished & will perform nearly as well as a brand new e scooter! . 

Refurbished electric scooter generally have minor cosmetic wear such as minor marks or signs of wear & tear, but functionally are almost as good as new. 

Scooter Hut Refurbished Electric Scooters include:

  • Onsite servicing and support
  • Some models might include packaging
  • Warranty on some refurbished electric scooters (check when purchasing)

Is there a warranty on a refurbished e scooter?

Yes, we do offer a warranty on all our purchases, however, this warranty time and conditions can vary according to the model and features of each electric scooter.

What do you need to check when looking for a refurbished electric scooter?

  • Find the story of the electric scooter
  • Check and ask questions about the battery life and its condition
  • Inspect and take notes of the cosmetic marks and signs of wear the scooter might have

Does the electric scooter come with everything?

All the refurbished electric scooter offered by Scooter Hut come with ALL the parts you need so you won't have to be worried about missing parts. Some of the pieces could also include the original package and box without additional cost. However, this can change from e scooter to e scooter.


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Refurbished electric scooters are a great option for those who hold a tight budget, if you are keen to check the options of refurbished scooters, we encourage you to do your research, make your list of pros and cons and visit or call your local scooter hut store to check what refurbished electric scooters are currently for sale.


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