New Kaabo GT Electric Scooter Models Coming Soon

Oct 07, 2022
New Kaabo GT Electric Scooter Models Coming Soon

As seen on social media, the Kaabo Factory announced some new models during their livestream from the China International Bicycle Fair being held in Shanghai in June.

There is a lot of questions about these exciting new models, so here we will cover what information we have currently.

These two models announced are the Wolf Warrior GT and the Wolf King GT and are essentially upgraded versions of the current Wolf11 & King11.

The main upgrade for these is they now boast an IPX5 water resistance rating and an all new ECU box to have the controllers and wiring mounted on the stem poles freeing up valuable space inside the deck. Both new models are also using larger 21700 battery cells rather than the standard 18650 ones for improved power output and battery life.

The Wolf Warrior GT pretty much remains the same as the current Wolf 11+ besides the changes mentioned above.

In addition to the changes mentioned above the Wolf King GT still has a few more tricks up it's sleeve when compared to the current King 11.

First of all the dual motors upgrade from 1500W to 2000W each which pushes the top speed from 100km to 100+km. (I guess they are still looking for someone willing to find out what the plus means) Also with a larger battery, the max range increases to 180km.

On top of this it also packs upgraded front suspension with bigger piston travel and the handlebars are 50mm taller and 100mm wider.

These new Wolf GT models are expected to land in Australia late 2021 and Scooter Hut will have pre-orders available as soon as we are able.

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