New Arrival: Envy Prodigy S9

Oct 07, 2022
New Arrival: Envy Prodigy S9

It was not long ago when the legendary brand Envy released the Envy Prodigy S8. An innovative model that took the best features of the Envy Prodigy S7 and upgraded them to give the best performance and experience to riders.

Today, Envy has done it and brings it again and has just released Envy Prodigy S9 (Envy Prodigy S9 Complete and Envy Prodigy S9 Street). Scooter Hut as an official supporter of Envy since 2009, is proud to announce this scoop and, of course, take you through the main newly added elements.

Envy Prodigy S9 

New Colours

To start and the most noticeable element in this new drop are the new colourway this scooter has. The Envy Prodigy S9 has new fresh and bold colours that will complement your most sharp stunts: Oil Slick, Black/Oil Slick, Swirl, Hex, Galaxy and Toxic.

Upgrade Aluminium Forged Diamond IHC Fork

Functionality speaking, this new change is probably the most crucial part of this new Envy scooter. Let's remember that the IHC (Internal Hidden Compression) was developed by Envy as a way to have a comfier and free hassle scooter, as it requires less regular thinning and maintaining, plus it is lighter, which makes it easy to manoeuvre.

This fork is also compatible with up to 125* 30 mm wheels, so flexibility is another feature that is part of this new release.


This particular model has a Width: 120mm | 4.75in/Length: 495mm /19.5in deck, similar to the S8 version. However, the optimized design space has increased, offering the rider 10 mm extra foot space compared to the latest Envy version, making a significant difference when landing on the scooter.  


The bar in the Envy Prodigy S9 is made with the signature Envy High-Density Aluminium Reaper V2, which again offers a lighter weight perfect for young shedders.

Envy Prodigy S9 Street Edition

This Prodigy, S9 Street edition, has been designed exclusively with street components and features T Style Thermal bard, Boxed Ends and broader and longer decks than its past counterpart. Also, this new version comes in three new colours Grey/Green, Black/Teal and White.


The bar in the Street version is made of Chromoly Thermal, which makes it really strong and durable, perfect for those "aggressive" movements, so if your goal is to have a piece that doesn't limit your runs and last for a long time, this is a wise option for you.


As expected, this street version displays a bigger deck with Width: 125mm /4.9in | Length: 520mm/4.9in, offering the rider a total of 385mm | 15.1in of foot space. Which, in the end, translate into more room to comfortably stand on and balance manuals better.

This classic model is perfect for an intermediate to advanced rider looking to progress within the street scene.

Specs Comparison

Features Envy Prodigy Complete S8 Envy Prodigy S9 Street Edition Envy Prodigy Complete S9
Scooter Weight 3.5kg | 7.72lbs 4kg | 8.8lbs 3.5kg | 7.7lbs
Overall Height 865mm | 34.1in 900mm | 35.4in 880mm | 34.6in
Bar Height 620mm | 24.4in 650mm | 25.6in 620mm | 24.4in
Bar Width 560mm | 22in 560mm | 22in 560mm | 22in
Bar Material High Density Aluminium Chromoly Thermal Bar High Density Aluminium Reaper v2 bar
Deck Width 120mm | 4.7in
125mm | 4.9in

120mm | 4.75in
Deck Length 495mm | 19.5in 520mm | 4.9in 495mm | 19.5in
Foot Space 335mm | 13.2in 385mm | 15.1in 345mm | 13.5in
Wheel Size 24mm x 120mm 24mm x 120mm
24mm x 120mm
Compression IHC IHC - Up to 30mm x 125mm Compatible IHC - Up to 30mm x 125mm Compatible

Envy Prodigy has positioned itself as the best selling scooter in the freestyle scooter world, as its innovative features and design have taken the scooter rider to another level. If you are on the hunt to get the best present for this coming Christmas season, check this model here and keep in mind that we are offering Express Click & Collect, ready in 24 hours and flat rate shipping Word wide. 

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