Electric Scooter Parts - What to Compare When Buying?

Oct 07, 2022
Electric Scooter Parts - What to Compare When Buying?

Electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular because they offer fun, freedom, and an easy ride. But the vast array of brands, models, and parts makes it difficult to decide what is right for you. Keeping track of all the electric scooter parts is vital for your safety and comfort, whether you have to commute to work or take the kids to the park.

This article will assist you in determining which electric scooter parts to compare before purchasing one.

1. Electric scooter tyres - The tyre of the scooter provides traction and ride quality. There are two types: pneumatic and solid. Pneumatic tyres provide the best ride quality but require maintenance and can be prone to punctures. Solid tyres are more robust but provide a much rougher ride quality and are most suited to smooth paved surfaces.

2Electric scooter batteries - Battery size is the deciding element of a scooter's maximum travel distance, so it's critical to evaluate battery life and range. A scooter's capacity can range from 250 to 3,000 watt-hours.

3. Electric scooter motors - Electric scooters can be a single or dual motor configuration. Dual motor scooters provide more powerful acceleration and excel at hill climbs. Electric motors are graded according to their power output and can range from 250W to 1200W. The higher the wattage, the higher will be the power of the electric scooter.

4. Electric scooter brakes - There are two types of braking systems: mechanical and electrical. Disc, drum, and foot brakes are examples of mechanical braking systems. Electronic braking systems include electronic and regenerative braking systems. We prefer scooters with two braking systems for safety reasons, in case one fails.

5. Electric scooter speed controller - Scooters with stronger motors will have controllers with greater maximum amperage and current ratings.

6. Electric Scooter Suspension - The suspension serves to improve riding quality by dampening road bumps. The ideal suspension for scooters will use a mix of springs and pistons known as coil-over-hydraulic or coil-over-air.

7. Electric Scooter Decks - The deck is the platform on which you stand when riding an electric scooter. Many have a rubberized or textured surface that improves the traction of your shoes on the scooter. The standard scooter deck size is 14′′ by 5′′ and provides a few inches of ground clearance.

8. Electric Scooter handlebars - The handlebars are your primary point of contact with the scooter. They have all the controls, such as the accelerator, brakes, speed/settings display, and power buttons. The most portable electric scooters have foldable handlebars that minimize their width and allow the scooter to be transported and stored in a confined space.

9. Electric Scooter lights - While deck and RGB lighting can help increase visibility and enhance the appearance of your scooter, they cannot replace front and rear lights.

Electric Scooter accessories include locks, baskets, alarms, phone holders, turn signals, hooks, mirrors, seats, wall mounts, and cup holders, which not only improve the functionality of your electric scooter but also add to its overall flair.


The safety and performance of an electric scooter are entirely dependent on the quality and specification of its parts. You should choose your electric scooter parts based on your budget and requirements. Choosing a scooter with the ideal components for you will ensure you can maintain it and enjoy a long happy ownership. We hope you make wise buying decisions and keep your ride safe

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