Lowest Price Promise


Terms and Conditions

  • Price matches are inclusive of the retailers shipping costs and any other potential charges (such as fitting or modification) they may have. 
  • Price matches are exclusive of any potential customs charges or taxes you may incur if purchasing from overseas. 
  • Price matches can only be made on identical, in stock items and we must be able to verify the price from the competitor at the time of your purchasing. 
  • We cannot price match on certified helmets or protective gear from outside of Australia or New Zealand due to regulations on AU/NZ Certification Standards.
  • Excludes all Razor branded products. 
  • We cannot price match on any subscription based prices, IE/ paid membership offering discounts to members only.  
  • Customers cannot request a price match on a product they are wanting to lay-by, or already have on lay-by (this does not include using AfterPay as it is not considered a "lay-by" purchase) 
  • Price matches on ELECTRIC SCOOTERS will only be considered when they are from a genuine Australian seller with Australian compliant stock. International and Drop Ship offers will not be considered. 
  • Although we will always endeavour to match any price around the world, price matches are at our discretion, and on the extremely rare occasion we may decide we cannot match a price.
  • The price match request cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers, promotions or discount codes.

In addition to the above terms and conditions, Scooter Hut Showrooms also have some specific price matching rules they must follow;

  • Stores will only price match another physical retailer that is within 50km of their store and will not match retailers outside of their territory.
  • Price matches must be verified in-store at the time of purchase and cannot be made on anything other than a physical product, such as servicing. 
  • For more information on in-store price matches please contact your nearest Scooter Hut Store directly.