What to expect from an Electric Scooter

Oct 07, 2022
What to expect from an Electric Scooter

What do electric scooters have to offer and should you consider buying one for yourself?

As with so many emerging technologies, electric scooters are a phenomenon which has been made possible thanks to leaps in other technologies. Battery and brushless motor breakthroughs have combined to enable impressive range and power capabilities. Just look at the rise of Tesla to get a sense of how far this technology has come and where it might be heading.

What you can expect from an electric scooter really depends on your use case. Those who want to use one for a short daily commute might opt for a model like the e-Glide G60 (Europe's most popular Electric Scooter), the Unagi Model ONE, or the Segway Ninebot Max. Scooters in this class aren't going to break any acceleration records but they are light and easy to learn to ride. We find that people who have never ridden a scooter before are usually up and running within 5 to 10 minutes.


Placing your off foot at the front of the deck and your other on the ground, you can push off manually and then squeeze the finger throttle to get going. As you start to move under power you can place your other foot at the rear of the deck and you are on your way.

Scooters are surprisingly stable once in motion but we wouldn't recommend attempting to ride one handed. Keep both hands firmly on the handlebars and you should be just fine. 

You'll need to wear an Australian approved helmet and you can choose to wear other padding to protect your arms, hands, and elbows.

Many of the scooters in the commuter class have little to no Suspension so you will feel all the cracks and bumps in the road. This isn't necessarily a bad thing; many people prefer to feel the road surface through the handlebars as it gives a more physical connection to the road surface.

You can expect between 25km and 50km range from a decent commuter scooter which should allow plenty of breathing room for the average commute.

For the more adventurous among us there are several manufactures making electric scooters sporting faster motors, more range, and even off road capabilities with advanced suspensions options.

Kaabo is one of our preferred manufacturers when it comes to extreme scooters. It's a brand that is fast becoming synonymous with adrenalin inducing acceleration, insane top speeds and dirt bike rivalling performance.

The Wolf Warrior 11+ is the latest flagship model from Kaabo. With dual 1200W motors, front and rear Hydraulic suspension, fully Hydraulic disc brakes with electronic ABS, the Wolf Warrior is the pinnacle of extreme scooters in 2020.


Scooter Hut also stocks the Mantis and Skywalker models of electric scooters from Kaabo. If the Wolf Warrior is the Daddy Bear in the range then the Mantis and the Skywalker are the Mummy and Baby bear respectively.

Don't let the metaphor fool you however. Even the entry level Skywalker models pack a serious punch, and the Mantis is nothing short of astounding both in performance and good looks.  Check out the full Kaabo rang here to see for yourself.

It is important to note here that by Australian Law, all electric scooters we sell have been capped at a maximum speed of 25kmh.

These speed regulations do not apply to riding on private property however and there is a growing sub-culture of motor cross inspired electric scooter riders emerging in Australia.

If you like the idea of trying an electric scooter for yourself you should head down to your local Scooter Hut Store and request a test ride or Shop now if you already know which Electric Scooter is right for you.

Electric scooters are a tonne of fun and a great way to get some fresh air and sunshine whether you're on your way to work or out on the weekends with friends.

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