The Scooter Hut Complete Scooter Buying Guide

Oct 07, 2022
The Scooter Hut Complete Scooter Buying Guide

Complete Scooter Buying Guide

With so many different types of scooters available on the market it can be difficult to know what type of scooter you need to be looking for or which one is perfect for your needs. That’s why we decided to put together this quick and easy buying guide.

Below we will explain the different categories of scooters to help you narrow down the one that suits your needs. We will also go through the key measurements to ensure your new scooter is a perfect fit, and then finally cover some other important factors to consider when purchasing a new scooter.


Pro Scooters

Pro Scooters are our most popular category, these are the scooters that you see being ridden in the streets and skateparks all over the world. If you have found your way to the Scooter Hut website, there is a good chance you are looking for a Pro Scooter.

A Pro Scooter is generally characterised as being designed for riders to use in the street or the skatepark specifically for performing tricks, but are also just as popular for all ages to use as transport to school, work, etc. Another unique trait for the Pro Scooter is that compatible aftermarket parts are readily available from a multitude of brands to customise, upgrade or even replace worn out parts.



Custom Scooters

A Custom Scooter is essentially the same as a Pro Scooter except instead of it all coming in one box from one brand, a Custom Scooter is built entirely from individually selected aftermarket parts. This means that the colour options are endless with a Custom Scooter.

The other benefit of a Custom Scooter is that the aftermarket parts used are generally stronger, more durable and lighter than those used on a standard complete. This makes custom scooters very popular with intermediate and advanced riders.

While we have some Custom Scooters that we have created available for order on our website, you can also build your own creation by picking your own parts, and see what your new scooter looks like before you order in our Scooter Hut 3D Builder App, available on iOS and Android phones and tablets.


Kids Scooters

This category is where we keep all the scooters designed for the younger riders. Our range of Kids Scooters includes 2 and 3 wheel scooters, many of which include features like transformable seats and adjustable handlebars so that the scooter can grow with them.

Add on top of that bright colours, light up wheels and cool kids scooter accessories, our huge range of Kids Scooters are the perfect way to learn balance and take their first roll.


Adult / Commuter Scooters

Looking for a fun and fast way to get from A to B? One of our Commuter Scooters might be what you are looking for. These are designed to be comfortable for riding longer distances as a means of transport.

Most Commuter Scooters feature larger wheels for a smoother less bumpy ride, and adjustable handlebars make a perfect height for any rider. Some models even have bicycle style handbrakes for safer stopping and controlling speed.

Lastly, Commuter Scooters have a folding mechanism which makes them able to be carried and used in conjunction with public transport.


Dirt Scooters

Just like a Pro Scooter but built for all terrain, Dirt Scooters are bigger and badder. Larger wheels with pneumatic tyres is what makes these great fun for downhills, off-road, dirt jumps and pump tracks.



Key Measurements

Key measurements can be found by clicking the Specs tab on each scooter’s product page.


Overall Height

Overall height is the measurement from the ground to the top of the bars.

This is the most useful measurement when choosing if a scooter is right for you because it allows you to gauge how tall the scooter will be once you receive it. For Pro Scooters most riders prefer the bars to be around waist to belly button height, whereas younger kids usually like mid torso.


Deck Width

This is measured across the top of the deck. There are various reasons for a rider to prefer a certain deck width.

First being to suit the size of their feet, bigger feet are more comfortable on a wider deck. However some riders will prefer a thinner deck to reduce weight for performing tricks and other prefer the widest deck possible for street style tricks.

Pro Scooter decks start at about 115mm and go up to 152mm at the widest.


Deck Length / Footspace

Deck length is measured from the very front of the deck to the back and Footspace is the portion of this that you can stand on between the neck tube and the brake.

Just like Deck Width there are various reasons for a rider to choose a certain deck length. Such as comfort for larger feet or reducing weight for performing tricks. It is quite easy to estimate how much footspace you would need or prefer on your scooter deck. Just lay a tape measure along the ground and stand on it comfortably as you would when riding a scooter.


Wheel Size

The size of the wheels included with each scooter is also found in the specs tab. Bigger wheels roll faster and require less effort to maintain speed but smaller wheels are lighter and more maneuverable. There are two main sizes that you will find on pro scooters, 110mm and 120mm.

Each of these sizes has equal advantages and the opinion among riders about which is best is split down the middle. It really is a matter of personal preference. One thing to take note of when deciding which scooter you will choose is, a scooter that comes with 120mm wheels will definitely be able to fit 110mm if you choose to use them later on. But a scooter that comes with 110mm wheels will most likely not be able to fit 120mm.



Important Factors



To ensure safe operating condition and prevent wear and breakage to components, all scooters require a small amount of regular maintenance.

This maintenance includes tightening of bolts such as axles and clamp bolts, as well as cleaning and lubricating bearings. To perform the maintenance, some basic tools are required including allen and socket wrenches as well as suitable lubricant for the bearings.

Also you can visit any one of our six Scooter Hut service centres around Australia and our professional team can perform a full service for you.



As with all action sports and transportation, safety when riding scooters is a #1 priority.

At Scooter Hut we stock one of the largest ranges of safety equipment in the world.

We only stock AUS/NZ Certified Helmets to ensure our customers are protected to the highest standard. Add to this our massive range of knee and elbow pads, shin / ankle guards, hip protectors and gloves! If you can hurt it, we have the gear to protect it.

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