How electric scooters save Carbon Emissions and the planet!

Oct 07, 2022
How electric scooters save Carbon Emissions and the planet!

Eco Conscious living...
What does that exactly mean?
How does it impact you and your daily activities?
What should you be doing to have a sustainable mindset?
Carbon footprint?!

Over the last decade many western countries have undergone momentous change in their behaviours towards the climate, whilst there are still many naysayers surrounding ‘climate change’ we list a few ways your actions can have a positive impact on this big blue ball we call, Earth.

What is eco conscious living?

Having concern for the environment in your everyday life.

What impact should it have on your daily activities?
By consciously thinking about the environment every day you are allowing for subtle but needed change in your activities.
Here is an example:
Driving to and from work (20km a day) in your diesel car that consumes 10L/100KM will generate roughly 0.047t of carbon emissions.
Replacing one of those days by riding your electric scooter to and from work will reduce your carbon footprint from 2.444t/ year to 2.134t/ year, a staggering 0.310t just by reducing one of your commutes via your car per week.

A company paving the way on daily carbon footprint tracking and analysing is Visa, one of the largest payment processing networks in the world.
On the 3rd of August they announced through the wires that they would track and calculate an individual's purchases and how much that specific transaction impacts their carbon footprint.
The statement read: Visa, a world leader in digital payments, announced the launch of Visa Eco Benefits in Asia Pacific. Eco Benefits is a suite of sustainability-focused solutions that will help Visa cardholders across the region better understand the environmental impact of their day-to-day payments. They can calculate the carbon footprint generated by their Visa transactions, and access options for carbon offsetting - or charitable donations from their bank's website or app
- PRNewswire.

You might think; isn’t Visa being a little invasive? Perhaps, however do remember your bank already tracks your spending, why not put a carbon footprint value against said purchases?
Could be a clever way of ensuring that you are purchasing from businesses with a green initiative.

The future is bright for Australia after world leaders met at COP26 last year to discuss the impacts we have had on the climate and provide solutions to the declining environment.
An independent study in Paris concluded e-scooters have helped save 330 tonnes of carbon emissions since their inception in 2018.

Adelaide have been early adopters to battle climate change by insisting the use of e-scooters to offset their carbon footprint with the goal to be the first carbon neutral city in the country.
- Carbon Neutral Adelaide

The solution is simple:
Follow in Adelaide’s footsteps by confronting your carbon footprint head on. Be conscious and focus on the easy wins by adopting electric scooters as soon as possible and replace one or two trips to work via that specific mode of transport. By doing so you could aid in the global efforts of reducing overall carbon emissions and keep our planet thriving for the generations to come!

Further to the above, here is a list of other ways to be eco-conscious:
(some you may not have thought about)

1.  Mobile Phone Accessories: Outfit your phone with a fully compostable case. They won't just sit in landfill for decades after you've upgraded your phone model.

2.Take note of what expires in your fridge first: When you head to the grocery store pick your shopping to reflect dishes you can make ahead of the food you already have going-off.

3. No plastic straws/ coffee cups: Instead carry your reusable coffee cup with you as well as an metal straw.

4. Rethink transportation: Drive less, walk more. On longer commutes opt for electric scooters. E-scooters can also act as your first and last km of travel for longer distances travelled.

5. Make your home more efficient: LED light bulbs, low-flow showerheads, gray water systems, install solar panels, make sure your home is well insulated and windows and doors are sealed properly.

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