Choose These 5 Eco-Friendly Alternatives Instead of Driving a Car

Oct 07, 2022
Choose These 5 Eco-Friendly Alternatives Instead of Driving a Car

Saving the planet is the new cool! If you are a person or an establishment like a hotel or resort where you promote sustainability and clean energy, then read on about these uber-niche e-vehicles. They are smart, fast, driven on electricity, they look futuristic and leave no carbon footprint behind! Upscaling your mode of transport to be in line with your eco-consciousness is a wise decision!


    • E-scooter
    • Seated E-Scooter
    • E-Skateboard
    • Hoverboard
    • Unicycle

1. E-scooter

These have been around for quite some time now. You must have seen these available to hire in big cities around the world. They can be charged and used for commuting a distance of up to 60 kms* before they run out. Usually going up to a speed of 25km/h*. Available in solid tyres and air-filled tyres with features such as LED back and side lights, varying speed. You can set a good example to the new generation by choosing a more environmentally sensitive option and introducing this at a younger age to kids. Check out the E-Glide Ultra which is the ultimate commuter electric scooter that is portable, powerful, easy to ride and suitable for both teens and adults. 

2. Seated E-scooter

The seated e-scooter is an evolved version of the regular e-scooter, comes in a sleek design with a curved single seat mounted on the vehicle. Popularly known as the nerd’s scooter, it combines comfort with practicality and you don’t have to stand all the time which just makes it a great commute for long distances. Vivid Velocity 14” Seated Electric Scooter at Scooter Hut is swanky and great for your daily run to the office and around town. A good grip on the handles is preferred for a tight ride like the odi grips which have ridged surfaces so your hands don’t slip off even when it gets rainy or sweaty.

3. Electric Skateboard

A skateboard that does not require you to drag or push it with your feet because it is battery powered. Some of them are designed with regenerative braking mechanisms which means every time you apply the brakes, the lost energy gets restored. The main features are its excellent quality and long lifespan, but the cherry on top is its speed which is unbeatable. They are lightweight so can be carried around anywhere and provide the rider with a smooth ride without taking away the ability to manoeuvre with ease.  

4. Hoverboards

They are basically self-balancing scooters, battery-operated, come with LED lights and some also come with Bluetooth features. If you are into adventure and can maintain good body balance on hoverboards then they are a fun option to explore.

5. Unicycle

Now, these are the most recent updates in e-vehicles. They are an improvised version of the paddled wheels we have seen acrobats cycle in circus shows. The original unicycles came with a saddle to sit on but the electric versions do not have this feature yet. From being driven by street performers, jugglers in fetes and even driven as a hobby, these have come a long way. Now there is even a sport that originated from it called the Unicycle Hockey! Trials have even been made for Mountain Unicycling which sounds like a total feat.

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