Electric Scooter Apps To Get The Most Out of Your Electric Scooter

Sep 29, 2023
electric scooter app

Many of the fantastic Electric Scooters available at Scooter Hut feature apps. We outline the benefits of these apps when considering your next electric scooter purchase & how these apps can help you get the most out of your electric scooter.


Benefits of Electric Scooter Apps

Electric Scooter Apps come in all shapes and sizes, it is important to check each electric scooter app for features because they update often. Here are some of the most common benefits:

  • Change speed mode of the electric scooter.
  • Speed tracking 
  • Track battery usage
  • Track range / charge remaining
  • Lock your electric scooter
  • Upgrade the firmware in your electric scooter to ensure optimal performance
  • Track distance travelled, speeds reached & average speeds

Below we provide links to the apps of some of the top electric scooter brands.

Where to download apps for Electric Scooters

InMotion Electric Scooter App

InMotion Electric Scooter App for Android

InMotion Electric Scooter App for Apple IPhones 


Segway Electric Scooter App

Segway Ninebot Electric Scooter App for Android 

Segway Ninebot Electric Scooter App for Apple IPhones 


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