All new Vivid Hoverboards Landing at Scooter Hut now!

Oct 07, 2022
All new Vivid Hoverboards Landing at Scooter Hut now!

Vivid Hoverboards are the latest in Hoverboard technology. Scooter Hut is proud to stock both the Street and Off Road versions of these fantastic electric vehicles.

Both Hoverboards sport 6.5" wheels with the Street model running street tyres and the Off Road model boasting grippy all terrain rubber.

With 2 powerful 350W motors driven by high quality battery cells this hoverboard can really move too. 600W total is a LOT of power for such a light vehicle. You will get to the Australian Limit of 25Kmh in no time and the Vivid can power up most hills you can throw at it.

As if all that isn't enough, the Vivid Hoverboard Cart accessory transforms your Hoverboard into a Go Kart in seconds! Available for under $50 at time of writing, this accessory adds amazing value to your Hoverboard. Use the built in handles to intuitively control acceleration, braking, and turning. In cart configuration the Hoverboard is a tonne of fun and great for less confident riders.

Shop online now or head to your nearest Scooter Hut store to check out our range of Vivid Hoverboards

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