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Has your scooter or scooter part broken through no fault of your own?

Not to worry, here at Scooter Hut, we have a quick and easy warranty process to help you start a warranty claim with the respective supplier of your scooter part.

 In accordance with the Scooter Hut Charter of Service, our goal is to process your warranty claim as quickly and efficiently as possible. Whether you have purchased through Scooter Hut Online, from a Scooter Hut Retail Store, or through a Scooter Hut Marketplace, please fill out the following warranty claim request form to start your warranty.




What if my scooter part had broken as a result of accidental damage?

So, when your scooter comes off second-best against the concrete, there is no warranty that will cover the damage to your scooter. We understand that this is no fault of your own, and just part of participating in an extreme sport. We want to help you out when you’ve had this turn of bad luck, so our solution to keep you riding when this happens is the Scooter Hut Crash Replacement Discount. 


Warranty Terms and Conditions

Due to the inherent nature of the sport and industry of freestyle scooters most distributors and their manufacturers have very limited warranties that cover direct manufacturing faults or failures in their products. As with all extreme sports, scooter equipment suffers damage as a direct result of participation in the sport. Such damage to equipment is not covered under warranty.



  • Any warranty is void on items that show clear misuse or damage caused by or related to improper riding technique.

  • Most manufacturers will also not cover warranty claims on items that show excessive or obvious wear directly or indirectly related to the claim.

  • Any modification to a product will void the distributor's warranty for that individual part as well as any associated parts.

  • A warranty is only approved if the breakage or malfunction of the scooter is a DIRECT RESULT OF A FLAW IN THE MANUFACTURING OF THE PRODUCT. Damage, breakage, cracking or snapping of the product as a result of riding WILL NOT BE COVERED UNDER WARRANTY!


International Warranty Claims

Because international customers are outside the warranty territories of our distributors you are not required to return any warranty items. Simply fill out the Warranty Claim Request Form to begin your warranty Process.  If the warranty is verified and you are offered a replacement item it is the customer's responsibility to cover freight on the item and you will be provided with an invoice via PayPal for payment. Please note, if you have purchased a product from outside of the Australian Distributors warranty territory, your warranty period is not guaranteed until we have spoken to the supplier.

The Scooter Hut Warranty Policy in no way limits your rights as a consumer as outlined by the Australian Consumer Law. We work closely with the ACCC and encourage you to know your rights and seek advice at any stage during a warranty process.

Australian Competition & Consumer Commision
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