Why are electric scooters the new eco-friendly option to other means of inner-city commuting?

Oct 07, 2022
Why are electric scooters the new eco-friendly option to other means of inner-city commuting?

The world is going electric and we love gadgets that use electricity to power them. Fossil fuel burning has filled our environment with toxic gasses so densely that the weather update says – Polluted Air, Smoke or Smog, AQI is through the roof in even Tier-2 cities. We can’t all afford a Tesla or Prius when most of us belong to the salaried young urban professional category. Enter the e-scooters - a viable, sustainable alternative to personal cars or public transport that emit CO2.

Here are 5 reasons to consider getting your very own E-scooter:

1. Low to Zero Emissions

The only time an e-scooter might give out any residue is when you pull the brakes. Electricity is the new oil. We are turning green in everything we consume. No big change can happen overnight but we need to take baby steps in ensuring our contribution to climate change is as little as possible. E-scooters are the solution. These scooters just need to be charged through a 1000W outlet and they can run at an average speed of 25-30 mph. Check out e-Glide SWIFT Electric Scooter, with features like weight variants, long and short distances, LED lights and electric throttle accelerator.

2. Less Space Consuming

Big cities and parking problems are inescapable from the fast-spreading urban population. Everyone wants to own a car – it is the first societal stamp of having ‘arrived’.

Given the size, parking an e-scooter is very easy. Whether it’s in the university parking lot, the coffee shop, a departmental store or your friend’s apartment, you are sure of one thing at least – you will always find a spot. This also means you do not have to pay parking rent! Now that should be reason enough for you to invest in a durable and trendy e-scooter available in smart colours. It could also make for a very functional and thoughtful gift to your loved ones.

3. Budget Friendly

Buying an e-scooter is the smartest decision you will make. E-scooters do not cost a bomb, there is no fuel cost and very little post-purchase maintenance and servicing required. This means you can save a few hundred bucks every week!

An electric skateboard could also be a smart option when choosing to buy an eco-friendly alternative to micro commuting. Here’s where you can buy an electric skateboard in Australia. Be sure to check out the specifications, price range and reviews.

4. Low Maintenance

You don’t need to change the oil or get the wheels checked every week or worry about heating it up or other engine troubles. With an e-scooter, the stress of monthly servicing costs also disappears. It is a cool, educated mode of short-distance commuting. You don’t even need to wash it, just wipe it with a soft cloth and zoom off.

5. Health Benefits

E-scooters are usually driven standing up so unlike a car or a bus or a train, you get to burn some calories while doing your daily chores, commuting to the office /school/college (check e-bike laws and licensing in your city). It will keep you on your toes and alert at all times since it is just your feet on wheels. Another plus side is it saves you traffic time since it is so easy to maneuver in traffic and side lanes which are specially built for cyclists, pedestrians and e-scooters.

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