Top Picks For Scooting Back To School

Oct 07, 2022
Top Picks For Scooting Back To School

We can almost hear the sound of the school bell ringing for 2022. Your relaxing beach days slowly start to fade into what can only be described as the school morning chaos. For parents and families this can be a stressful time as you organise all the school books and iron the uniforms, then you remember you have to actually convince them to physically get to school. For those that live within a few km’s, encouraging your children to walk, bike or scoot can make this chore come a lot more naturally. They will be excited to get out the door and on their way with their siblings or friends and it will put them in a positive head space before they commence their day learning. 

With a lot of possible commuting options for your children we have made it easy here with our top picks for scooting back to school. Your child will be smiling as they are on their way to school and be much more motivated to have a productive day.

For kids under 5 the winner is….

i-Glide 3-Wheel Scooter

 To improve the maturity of motor development in children it can be greatly beneficial to expose them to a scooter at an early age. Learning to scoot will create physical and psychological pathways which will improve your child’s balance, confidence, skill and performance.

The i-Glide 3 wheeler is the perfect scooter for the younger ones. The new range comes in black, pink, purple, blue and the all new aqua. The all new T-Bar allows your kids to choose what accessories they would like add to completely customise their scooter. Your young ones grow quickly, so we have improved the length the Stem which can be adjusted. With the light up wheels, your young ones will be the coolest kids on their way to school.

For kids 6+ the winner is…

The i-Glide Cruz v2 Complete Scooter

At this age group most kids have been exposed to friends with scooters. It’s only a matter of time before they start begging you for one for their birthday. The questions you need to ask yourself is what is going to be the safest, comfortable and long lasting option.

The i-Glide V2 Freestyle has a lightweight design and great durability and strength, making it the perfect scooter for cruising along pathways and boardwalks. It’s the perfect transition to improve your child’s balance, coordination and confidence. Not only is the V2 super fun to ride but it’s also comfortable and looks great. The only thing you’ll have to decide is which colour they are going to want!

For parents (We didn’t forget you!) the winner is….

The i-Glide Commuter Scooter

You can’t let the kids have all the fun! If you’re going on the morning school journey as well it pays to get yourself something that is fun and comfortable too. Plus your kids will get extra bragging rights to their friends about how cool you are!

Look no further than the i-Glide Commuter. Suited best for teenagers and adults, the i-Glide Metro commuter is built to navigate footpaths, sidewalks and streets with ease. The wide deck provides plenty of space for your stance to give the scooter optimal kicking power. The Commuter folds up compact – so storage at home is minimal. You can transport the scooter in the back of the car easily so scooting with your kids on the weekend is a great option too.

For something big on power…

The InMotion 'Lemotion' S1

Alright, alright so a kick scooter might not be your thing, but maybe you want something a little extra to go on your journey with the kids to school. There are a lot of electric scooters on the market. If you are new to the world of e-scooters let’s take you straight to one of the most popular electric scooters on the market, the InMotion ‘Lemotion’ S1.

This scooter has incredible innovation, performance and is impressively affordable. The powerful rear motor and large battery give the scooter long-lasting power. With a maximum range of 90km you can reach your destination with confidence. The high-water resistance rating protects you from getting caught in the rain on your way to school or encountering any puddles. Not only is it powerful but it can be folded up and fit inside the back of your car with ease, ticking every box for any use you may want the scooter for.

This electric scooter is an excellent option for your journey to school with the kids. It will quickly become your new favourite hobby on the weekend too.


Scooting back to school is one of the best options for your kids. It’s a quick, easy, fun and safe way for them to enjoy their day and look forward to their journey to and from school. Not only will they develop new physical skills and balance, they will also create pleasant memories of the trips to and from school while growing up. Make going to school a pleasurable experience for everyone in your family and scoot with them this year!

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