Tips To Choose The Best Electric Skateboard

Oct 07, 2022
Tips To Choose The Best Electric Skateboard

What comes to your mind when you think about a skateboard? The thrill, adventure, and fun you get while riding the same? Today, the markets are full of different skateboard options, and an electric skateboard is one of them.

An electric skateboard is gaining a lot of traction amongst all skateboarders. Today, it has become one of the most famous tech gadgets, and people throughout Australia are looking for the best electric skateboard Australia to ride in their free time.

With a plethora of entries in the market, choosing a good one may become a little overwhelming. But fret not! Read the below-listed tips to select the best electric skateboard in Australia.

Inspect the batteries

The renovations of the batteries are why electric skateboards have become a popular option among all riders and adventure enthusiasts. Since different batteries are added to an electric skateboard, we suggest choosing lithium batteries over the other heavyweight alternatives. Such batteries ensure a reduced weight and promote safety.

At the same time, lithium batteries provide a better range. Do follow the recommendations of the manufacturer when you install the board with batteries.

Check the engine of the skateboard

It is integral to check the engine of the skateboard before buying the same. The engine of this gadget usually ranges between 400-2000 watts. A 400-watt motor is fine. However, you cannot accelerate it on rough terrain or hills.

If you want to enjoy the adventure of your life, buy a skateboard with a motor of 2000-watt instead. With such a powerful engine, you can take your electric skateboard wherever you want.

Learn about its controls

Most electric skateboards make use of a wireless handheld controller that you can use while driving. These controllers come with light indicators to signal you about the board's status, including the percentage of the battery charged. If you want to remain updated about the quality of your board, it is a good idea to buy a skateboard with a controller.

Buy one with the right wheels

All the electric boards use longboard wheels, making it possible to drive them on rough and rugged terrain. While inspecting the type of wheel in an electric skateboard, check its durometer. The lower the number of the durometer/duro, the softer the wheel. The lower number of the durometer also ensures that your ride will be smoother with a better grip.

Know about the charger

Different electric skateboards come with different chargers. Some of these chargers will board in less than half an hour, while others may take a longer time of 3-5 hours to board. It is essential to mention that each model comes with its charger, and you cannot use a third-party charger to charge the gadget. Always be wary about the charger you purchase.


We suggest you tick all the above boxes while shopping for the electric skateboard. Buying a skateboard after checking all its specifications is sure to make your ride safer and more adventurous.

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