Is an Electric Skateboard right for you?

Oct 07, 2022
Is an Electric Skateboard right for you?

If you've never visited a Scooter Hut store before you could be forgiven for thinking we only sell scooters.

The truth is we stock a huge range of products including protective gear, accessories, electric bikes and yes... electric skateboards too. Specifically, Scooter Hut is a proud stockist of Evolve Electric Skateboards.

To put it bluntly, electric skateboards are an absolute blast to ride. If you've ever ridden a non-powered skateboard there will be little to no learning curve to get comfortable riding an electric skateboard.

The genuine 14AH Samsung battery will take you up to 50Kms and is handled by a custom battery management system to deliver power to the two, custom made rear mounted 1500W motors. 3000W! That is one hell of a lot of power to pack into a vehicle that only weighs 10.3KG.

The Evolve scooters are capable of reaching speeds of up to 42Kmh and can carry a rider weighing up to 100Kg. You won't have to worry if you're riding route includes steep hills either. Simply switch your Evolve into GTR mode and it will chew up and spit out inclines of up to 30%.

You'll control everything from the handy ergonomic controller that comes in the box. Use it to intuitively change power modes between Safe, Eco, Fast, and GT, check battery capacity and cell health, and of course control your acceleration and braking. The boards include a regenerative function to pump power back into the battery while braking.

The controller includes a safety switch which must be continually held down while operating the board. If the switch is let go, the board will cut all power to the wheels to avoid runaway.

There are two looks to choose from when you buy an Evolve Electric Skateboard.

The "Carbon" boasts the ultra-modern honeycomb carbon motif.

The "Bamboo" sports a more trendy and traditional natural bamboo deck material.

Depending on your riding style you can pick from the street version or the all-terrain version with the ability to ride on grass and gravel tracks.

Conversion kits are available to easily convert your Evolve between all terrain and street configuration.

The all-terrain kit includes everything you need to install the 7" all terrain wheels with grippy rubber tyres.

The street kit includes 3.8 Inch tough street wheels for hard surfaces only.

Shop online or visit your local Scooter Hut store for more information about these great electric skateboards.

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