Oct 07, 2022

Which Electric Scooter is Right for Me? 

With the number of choices available in the electric scooter market right now, it can be hard to know if you are choosing the right scooter for your needs. Our experts have identified that every electric scooter in the world fits into one of three categories that cater to a specific need of the rider. In this article we will go through some qualifying questions to help you discover which category meets your needs so you can find the electric scooter that is right for you.

Do You….

  • Need to carry your scooter up or down flights of stairs?
  • Regularly carry it onto buses or trains?
  • Load it in and out of the boot of a car?
  • Only make shorter trips of about 15km or less at a time?

    Then your electric scooter category is Ultra-Portable.

    These  Ultra-Portable scooters are light (average 13kg), foldable and easy to carry and store. Also, many scooters in this category feature zero maintenance components such as solid tyres and electric braking. No need to inflate tyres or adjust brakes before riding, just jump on and go. Another characteristic of an Ultra-Portable scooter is ease of use and simple controls which make them a perfect first scooter. For these scooters to achieve their lightweight and portable form, they are equipped with smaller batteries and lower powered motors. This means that while they are swift and zippy rides in urban areas, heavier riders will experience greatly reduced distance and hill climbing performance.

    If an  Ultra-Portable doesn’t sound like it meets your needs, perhaps these next questions will point you in the right direction.

    Do You…..

  • Need to make longer trips of about 35km at a time?
  • Want a more comfortable ride for a taller / heavier person?
  • Need bigger wheels for smoother rolling?
  • Have the ability to lift a scooter weighing around 20 kg?

    Then a Commuter is most likely the scooter you are looking for. 

    Commuter electric scooters build upon the Ultra-Portable category to deliver a scooter that can travel further and offer better ride comfort. All this while still retaining some of the portability features needed for a daily commute. Key features of this category are bigger batteries, larger tyres and an increase in the overall size of the scooter. An increase in battery size allows a Commuter electric scooter to achieve maximum travel distances of up to 65km. A larger deck and handlebars provide more comfort for all riders and increased wheel diameters can tackle more diverse terrain. The trade off here however is the Commuter category sees an increase in weight and size of the scooter. This means not everyone will be able to lift the scooter easily or carry up flights of stairs. But many models still feature easy folding to allow for convenient storage.

    Still not feeling like your needs are being met, well that just leaves one more category to explore.

    Do you…..

  • Want the thrill of speed?
  • Need the largest travel range available?
  • Require all-terrain capability?
  • Never need to lift the scooter by yourself?

    Then you need to take a look at the High-Performance category of electric scooters! 

    Large capacity high voltage batteries, powerful dual motors, rugged suspension systems and responsive brakes are all the hallmark features of a  High-Performance electric scooter. These scooters boast the best performance for top speeds, maximum travel distance and hill climbing ability while they also suit taller / heavier riders better with many models being able to carry payloads up to 150kg. You needn’t worry about different types of terrain getting in your way on a high-performance electric scooter, large air filled tyres and dynamic suspension will smooth out just about any surface you need to ride across. Compared to scooters from the other two categories a high-performance scooter beats them on every aspect except for one, portability. Because of all the extra gear needed to perform at this high level, the main side effect is they are much larger, heavier scooters. Some even being as bulky as a small motorbike. But so long as you don’t need to lift or carry the scooter, most owners of a high-performance electric scooter will tell you that it is definitely worth it!

    So by asking yourself these questions you should now have a much clearer idea of the type of electric scooter which will meet your needs. Only thing left to do now is visit a Scooter Hut store near you where one of our experts can narrow down the exact scooter that is perfect for you. Or browse the Scooter Hut Electric Scooter Buying Guide for more information on electric scooters

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