Electric Scooter Battery Maintenance and Recharging

Nov 10, 2023
Electric Scooter

Electric Scooters sold by Scooter Hut come with high quality lithium batteries. All lithium batteries need to be looked after to ensure years of full use & optimum performance. We easy steps you can follow to ensure your e scooter battery lasts a long and time is safe.

E Scooter Battery Endurance Tips

Maximise the range of your e-scooter and the life of your e-scooter battery by following these tips: 

  1. You do not have to “condition” your battery by charging and discharging before it’s first use. This was the case with old lithium ion technology but is not necessary on modern batteries.
  2. Recharge your battery after every use if possible. Keeping your battery charged extends its life, ensuring your electric scooter is always ready to go.
  3. Never leave your battery completely discharged for more than 24 hours. Voltage dropping below minimum for any length of time will cause serious damage to your battery cells.
  4. Recharge your battery every month, even if you are not using the bike. Most lithium batteries will continue to discharge even when the bike and battery are turned off. If your battery falls below minimum Voltage, it may not be recoverable.

E Scooter Battery Safety Tips

  1. Never leave a battery connected to the charger or mains power overnight.
  2. When leaving your Electric Scooter during hot weather, always leave in a shaded well ventilated area. The ideal storage temperature is about 25±5℃. 
  3. Do not recharge in damp conditions or in temperatures less than 0℃ and never expose the electric scooter or battery pack to fire, heat sources, acid or alkaline substances.
  4. Never open a battery case or try and fix the battery. The use of other brands batteries for self updates are not supported.
  5. If a battery is, or appears to be damaged or overheating for any reason, do not use the battery any more.
  6. If you hear some abnormal noise while charging the scooter, disconnect the charger and bring it to Scooter Hut to check or contact us for any concerns.


Optimum E Scooter Battery Recharging Process 

  1. Before charging, always check if the charger is the original charger meant for that specific electric scooter.
  2. Before charging, make sure the charger is turned off and connect your battery to the charger at the charging socket. Plug the charger into a mains socket and turn on the mains socket.
  3. A red lamp will light up on the charger to indicate that the battery is charging. When the red light turns green, the battery is fully charged. To optimize battery life, leave the charger connected for a further hour and then turn off the charger and disconnect it from the mains after charging. NEVER overcharge your electric scooter battery.
  4. Always disconnect the charger from the mains before disconnecting the charger from the battery. It is possible that the battery will take up to six hours to charge on the first three charges.
  5. Do not leave the charger connected to the mains when not in use.
  6. If you notice that your battery is not working as it should, perform a full conditioning cycle. To do this, run your battery until it is completely empty and then charge it back to full power. This will fix many small problems, similar to a computer reboot. You may have to do this two or three times to achieve the desired effect.



  • If your battery is damaged due to being left discharged, or not recharging when advised as per this manual your battery is not covered by our warranty.

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