Children's Safety On Wheels: Best Kids Scooters 2022

Oct 07, 2022
Children's Safety On Wheels: Best Kids Scooters 2022

Kids and fun. These two go together.

Toy cars, trucks, and trains are something we all have played with. But think about the thrill of hopping onto a kid's scooter and going vroom, vroom can bring!

Scooters for kids can be a great option for children's safety on wheels.
And unlike big wheel bicycles without supports, which can be dangerous for beginners, a scooter is easy to ride and perfect for young children. Also, your kid will thank you for getting them something they can ride on and feel the air!

If you're looking for a kid's scooter but don't know what to start, this article is meant for you.

Here is a list of the best scooters of 2022 that will thrill your kids and push them to explore the world.

i- Glide Kids 3- Wheel Scooter 

The i-Glide Kids 3-Wheel v3 Scooters are a great way for kids to learn balance, coordination, and motor skills for early development in a fun and active way. Add a custom scooter seat for beginners and remove it when they are ready to advance their skill levels.

    ✓ Effortless Lean to Steer Technology
    ✓ Height Adjustable Handlebars to Grow With Your Child
    ✓ Attachable Seat Accessory for the beginner cruisers
    ✓ Wide Reinforced Deck (holds up to 50kg)
    ✓ Kinetic Light-up Polyurethane Wheels
    ✓ Ultra-soft Handlebar Grips
    ✓ Variety of Stand-out Colour Options
    ✓Suitable for children 1yrs+ with a Seat
    ✓ Scooter Recommended for 2yrs and above,or based on your child's development
    ✓ Compatible with all New Scooter Cuteez Accessories

    Kimi Electric Scooter  

    The Kimi Icon represents the perfect entry-level kids electric scooter for the youngest of the family.
    Easy to use, lightweight, and powerful enough for kids aged 2-6 years old. A great little scooter for the mini tots to keep up with their older siblings.

      ✓ Ideal Assistance for 2-6 yrs Old
      ✓ Wide Deck for Safety
      ✓ One-Touch Button Accelerator
      ✓ Simple-to-Use Rear Foot Brake
      ✓ Foldable Lightweight Design
      ✓ Available in 3 Vibrant Colour-ways
      ✓ Promotes Confidence 

      i- Glide Spark Electric Scooter

      If your kid has already mastered the beginner-level Kimi Electric Scooter or is and is now looking for a scooter that whizzes around the pathways swiftly, then the e-Glide Spark is for them.

        ✓ Designed Specifically for Young Riders
        ✓ Fun Colours & Simple Operation
        ✓ Coloured LED Deck Lighting
        ✓ Super Portable with Only Weighing 8kg
        ✓ Quick and Easy Folding
        ✓ 2 Speed Modes 10km/h - 15km/h
        ✓ Max Potential Range of 10km
        ✓Perfect for ages 6yrs to 12yrs


        No matter which scooter you choose, make sure you're going for an age-appropriate scooter that your kid will love.

        And we can't stress this enough, but the scooter must have a build designed to keep your kid safe on the road.

        And finally, let them explore! 

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