Best gadgets and accessories you need for your next road trip

Oct 07, 2022
Best gadgets and accessories you need for your next road trip

It's just October, and everybody is already talking about the holiday season in Australia. Due to the world situation and the current border restrictions, this would be an excellent opportunity to travel domestically and explore the gorgeous destinations in "the backyard" of this beautiful country.

You probably have heard of the best bakery in the picturesque town Bright in Regional Victoria, the fantastic cycling routes in Derby in the northeast of Tassie, or the crystalline and almost private beaches on north Queensland but have never visited them. Have you considered a road trip?

This note might be your sign to pick your passion and start planning your next caravan road trip now. Before you move too quickly, we want to help you organize the previous steps of essentials and great gadgets to have on a road trip.

Portable Wash Dry Kit

If you are one of the people who tend to get super worried about where to clean and wash your daily clothes but doesn't want to compromise the time of your trip finding laundry coins shops, you should invest in a portable wash dry kit.

In the marker are plenty of options that vary in size, material and price. Our favourite is the Scrubba bag, a practical bag with an inner washboard, which is cover with a grip surface that simulates the movements of a conventional machine-washing cycle. You would need to add some water, roll and close the bag and shake it, and that's it!

Electric scooter

There is a misconception that electric scooters are just for kids; in fact, a powerful electric scooter will offer you endless possibilities to explore a destination differently. In Scooter Hut, we have a wide range of options to choose from. Following our top selection of electric scooters according to the freedom, convenience, and accessibility needs travellers needs on their trips

e-Glide MACH 10

The first top feature to highlight in this high-performance electric scooter is its futuristic and aerodynamic design, made for durable forged aluminium that gives full strength and support without the extra weight.

This model has an 18.2AH battery which will give you a maximum range of 90 km; the two powerful 1000W will provide you with a speed of 55 km/h, accelerating from 0 to 25 km/h in just 3.1 seconds.

The e-Glide MACH 10 also counts with responsible front and rear disc brake system, LED headlights and extra lights at the back of the scooter.

Plus, the easy and quick portable design will allow you to store it in your car quickly.

Kaabo Wolf Warrior X Plus 

This electric scooter combines the demanding needs of people who look for power and versatility. Kaabo Wolf Warrior X Plus is designed to reach up to 70 km range, equipped with dual 1100W motors, all-terrain tyres and fully hydraulic front and rear disc brakes.

If you are looking for a fast and powerful allied to navigate the vast and beautiful areas of regional Australia, this scooter might be the answer for you.

Take note! In Scooter Hut, we offer 24 Months Supercare Guarantee, Fast Flat-Rate Shipping and Certified Expert Technicians in Every Store, so you will feel confident that we have your back when investing in an electric scooter.

Carry maps

Yes, for weird as it sounds, physical maps are a must if you want to explore remote destinations in the outback of Australia. Investing a little bit of your time a few dollars to get an updated map is a wise decision considering that the internet connection in the areas is not reliable.

Gas stove

There is magic around bonfires and being outdoors, but let's be honest, it's a romanticized idea as bonfires are not convenient if you are hungry. It also represents a potential fire threat on a summer day in Australia.

For that reason, the best option would be to get you a portable camping stove. To keep it simple, the main attribute to look for is a tool that can provide you with decent cooking space, fame control and is not too heavy. Remember, when travelling on a road trip, you should keep things light.

Yes, to road trip

To help you put ideas on your journey, explore this Road Trip Map Tourism Australia has created to have some clues of what to do this coming holiday season.

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