Skate Park Leagues

At Scooter Hut we are extremely proud to join with YMCA Action Sports to become the exclusive scooter retail partner of the 2018-19 Australian Skate Park League Series.

The Skate Park League is a grassroots competition series with a focus on repeat participation and community engagement.

In 2006 the Skate Park League was launched as a series of seven interconnected events throughout the North Western suburbs of Melbourne. In 2017 the series has grown to consist of 87 interconnected events across Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory.

To our knowledge, the SPL is the biggest interconnected action sports competition series in the world.

As of Feb 2018 there are over 3000 active members (individual SPL program entrants) nationwide. On average this represents 50 competitors at each event. In addition to this there are also between 100 - 300 spectators watching on resulting in 30,000+ people spectating or participating in SPL events across Australia each year.

Our partnership with the Australian Skate Park League Series is an amazing opportunity to give back to our community of scooter riders across the country and help to raise the profile of scootering as a sport in Australia.

Be sure to get down to your local skatepark and check out the action at a Skate Park League event near you.