Xiaomi M365 Review Video

Xiaomi M365 Review Video

31st Jul 2019

At Scooter Hut, we thoroughly test every electric scooter we sell. That way we can guarantee that we only stock the very best scooters on the market.

The Xiaomi M365, possibly one of the best selling electric scooters right now. In this video we will be putting the M365 to the test to help you decide if this is the perfect scooter for you.

With a design that is lightweight and portable, the Xiaomi is the perfect commuter scooter for everyday use. Whether it’s to work, school or just cruising around with friends.

With a full charge time of 5 hours, the Xiaomi M365 will travel a maximum of 30km and deliver a top speed of 25km/h. The scooter clocks in at a total weight of 12.5kg and will support a rider weight up to 100kg.

Driven by a front 250W motor wrapped in 8.5” pnuematic tyres, the Xiaomi M365 relies on it’s rear disc brake for all the stopping power it needs. Night riding is made safer with the LED headlight, tail and brake lights. The simple display has 4 led lights to show your current battery level and whether eco or normal mode is selected.

To fold the scooter just simply push the retainer to the side and pull the lever down. Once folded, the bell locks onto the clip located on the rear fender. You can then easily lift the scooter to carry or load into your boot.

Thanks to the simplistic interface, operating the Xiaomi scooter is a breeze. Push the button to power it on, once it is on click the button once to turn the lights on or off and double click to switch between eco or normal mode. To start riding just push to get rolling then push down on the right thumb lever to accelerate and pull the left lever to brake.


In test riding the M365 feels very solid thanks to the battery being located under the deck, and the solid adjustable folding design. The pneumatic tyres also give a confident grippy ride that feels great in the turns. When it comes to braking, the Xiaomi really performs. The adjustable rear disc brake allows you to apply as little or as much stopping power as needed making this a very safe ride.

Acceleration feels very smooth and there is enough power to tackle most medium inclines. During our testing the Xiaomi reached it’s top speed of 25km/h easily and felt very safe and solid when travelling at this speed.

We found the Xiaomi M365 to be an excellent scooter that is both extremely solid yet very portable, and the fantastic brake performance makes it a safe choice too.

The only issue we could name is that the pneumatic tyres mean you could encounter a puncture at some point but still this is one of the best scooters for someone looking for an inexpensive and reliable way to commute or just to have fun on the weekend.