What is FIGZ Collection?

What is FIGZ Collection?

Posted by Shaun Williams on 18th Jan 2018

Recently we sat down with Chris, the founding father of a company the first of its kind, Figz Collection. We picked his brain with a few questions and here's what he had to say!

First and foremost, where did the idea of Figz collection come from?

Well my mate Jack and I were in the car brainstorming of cool things we could potentially do business wise. Then it just came to me and I knew that there would be a market for it as kids love collecting things. Since that day I put in the work to make it a reality and well, here we are.

Once you decided this was something you wanted to pursue, Who was the first "Pro Rider" you hit up to be apart of Figz?

The first riders I approached were Ryan Williams, Jacko McGuire, Jordan Clark, Tanner Fox and Jesse Bayes. It definitely helped knowing the boys personally and being able to explain what I was doing and how it will benefit the sport as a whole in the long term.

Scooters are obviously your major target market for Figz, but have you ever thought about branching out to other action sports as well?

Yes, at the moment scooters are my target market as I believe there is so much potential in the sport. We have previously done a couple of BMX riders however, only for a short time as the demand wasn’t high enough at that point in time. As we grow and gain a larger audience we would love to delve into other action sport.

We carry a large number of Figz stickers in our stores & online, did you ever think the company would grow to this size?

Firstly thanks for the support you have given FIGZ since the beginning, it has really helped grow the brand overall. I knew that I was onto something special straight away, I think that when you find a business that also helps others in your industry that’s when you know you’re onto something. In saying that I had no idea that it would take off this fast and I am blessed to be able to do what I love every day.

Is there anyone who doesn't have their own Figz sticker you would love to jump on board and get involved?

Yes there is a few people. I really want to get the Friendly crew involved and guys like Cam Ward, Ray Warner and Lewis Crampton. I wouldn’t mind making a few OG riders I used to look up to like Jaxon Andrawartha, Brandon Kilbury and a few others but I have a feeling most kids wouldn’t know who they are haha.

You started off with just stickers, then you followed that up the release of Grip tape’s.. Whats next for Figz?

There is a lot coming I can tell you that much. We have pop sockets and pencil cases coming at the end of this month which is exciting. We are also working really hard on a few things we hope to release later in the year but I can’t tell you about that just yet. You will have to wait and see.

Any last words or exciting news for 2018 you could let us in on?

Don’t be sleeping on FIGZ, we have a lot coming and some real game changers. Limited edition characters and rarity of current character will be a big thing in 2018. So make sure you are collecting them all. Who knows they might be worth big $$ in a few years.

- Chris