The Unagi Model ONE

The Unagi Model ONE

Posted by James Allan on 7th Jul 2020

With styling that wouldn't be out of place in an Apple or Tesla product line up the Unagi Model One sure is easy on the eyes.

Commute with Unagi model one electric scooter

This amazing little scooter isn't just a pretty face though. It has what it takes to secure its place as one of the most well rounded electric scooters on the market.

Power, Range, and Handling are all wrapped into one refined package.

The Unagi Model One boasts an impressive 25Km maximum range and a max speed of 25Km/h thanks to the combination of a 3200mah battery driving a pair of 250W motors front and rear.

This performance, coupled with a solid braking capability through the Model One's electric braking system inspire confidence when riding.      stylish electric scooter Unagi model one

The scooter folds down to a comfortable size to carry and stows in any car boot space with ease. Take the Model One with you when you head out in the car and use it for those last few Kilometres for a bit of fun and arrive in style. 

A rare feature in the electric scooter market, the Model One allows you to make a statement with a range of vibrant colour options.