The perfect presents for her 2021

The perfect presents for her 2021

26th Nov 2021


Christmas is here before you know it, and with it, the big preparation for the holidays season, the checklists and the brainstorming ideas for Christmas gifts are becoming more common. Today we embarked on the critical job of creating a compelling and unique gift ideas list for her. Whether you are thinking of your partner, best friend, sister and mum, this  blog will help you nail your 2021 Christmas present in the best possible way.

We all know how hard it can be to choose a Christmas gift that is well welcome in someone's life. Work your way through this content and find unique and thoughtful gifts though that will guarantee big smiles. 

e-Glide G60

e-glide G60 Electric Scooter

Is the woman you are thinking about keen to try something fun and new next year but is unsure where to start. Has she been whining about all the time she spends stuck in traffic on her way to work? Has she mentioned the amount of time she has been sitting with moving her body? If you answer yes to at least one of the last questions, an electric scooter will be a perfect Christmas year.

The eGlide G60 is an excellent start for an electric scooter. This model is built for the everyday commuter, offering a range of 25 km and a max speed of 25 km/h. Also, its folding features, lightweight and compact size make it a winner as it can be taken easily in public transport (and we meant easy) and storage under the office desk without any issue.

e-Glide D150 v2

eGlide D150 v2 Electric Scooter

Another fantastic option electric scooter option in the eGlide range is the recently landed eGlide D150 V2. What does make it so unique? Let's start with some context, electric scooters with dual motor offer reliable power to climb hills easily without losing performance and acceleration. These same scooters are usually listed with an RRP over AUD 1000.

However, the eGlide D150 V2 is a scooter fitted out with a 350W dual motor and is selling for under AUD 1000. The perfect combo of performance and price.

InMotion 'Lemotion' S1

Inmotion 'Lemotion' S1

Let's level up the options and offer you a buffet of electric scooters to choose from. Inmotion 'Lemotion' S1 has been one of the most popular electric scooters since its arrival, and it makes complete sense.

This electric scooter is the ultimate winner in innovation, performance, and price. InMotion features a rear motor with powerful acceleration and a large battery, giving more time to ride and less time to charge. It can go a maximum range of 90 km and has a fantastic dual suspension, and in case the rain surprises the person you are thinking of, it also has a high-water resistance rating.

This electric scooter beyond be an excellent option for an everyday commute; it also will become her best friend for her weekend adventures. From now, going to the Sunday markets, having a trip to the beach or just being outside will fulling charged with adrenaline and movement.

Bird One

Bird One Electric Scooter

This model ranked the list for the best gift present because of its clean and gorgeous look (coming in three different colours: pink, white and black). However, this electric scooter it is not just a pretty face. The Bird One electric scooter is designed with a reinforced aluminium frame that offers a secure and free stem wobble. Plus, a responsible brake system and enhanced lighting make it the perfect option for her first-time riding.

This electric scooter counts with plenty of smart options and app connectivity, allowing a more pleasant experience when riding it. Keep in mind that this electric scooter is not a folding scooter, which will be more suitable for adventures that do not require much transfer and storage.



Any ride is complete without a proper helmet. Remember, when buying a helmet and other protection gadgets, it is essential to invest in certified gear that fulfils all the requirements to keep the rider safe. In Scooter Hut, we have plenty of options that can easily accommodate different budgets and aesthetics.

Lifer Certified S1 helmets are fully certified multi and high impact. This brand offers bold designs, such us leopard print, gold mirror or watermelon head that makes it the perfect complement to stand out in the crowd.

If the person you have in mind is a nostalgic dreamer, eco-warrior, who loves vintage, the Thousand Heritage Bike Helmet will go for. The three colours on this model all resemble the 50's and 60's look. Plus, the vegan "leather" straps will make her feel you thought about her when choosing this gift.


Choosing a Christmas gift for her this year can be the perfect opportunity to buy something different and unique and show your intention to support her resolutions to try something for the following year.

If you want to receive your Christmas gift on time this year, we suggest you purchase it as soon as possible and remember that we are offering EXPRESS FREE Click & Collect service on your local Scooter Hut store.