The most useful Electric Scooter Accessories.

The most useful Electric Scooter Accessories.

Posted by James Allan on 27th Jul 2020

So you've got your brand new Electric Scooter and you love it but now you want to kit yourself out with the essential e scooter accessories pack.

Well you're in luck! Check out our handy list of must have electric scooter accessories below:

1. Handlebar Bag.

You can wear a backpack while riding but if you prefer to travel light or backpacks aren't your thing then the e-Glide Handlebar Bag is for you.

With a hard shell and adjustable straps for easy installation on almost any scooter, the e-Glide Handlebar Bag takes first place in our list for its utility and versatility. It also looks great with the honeycomb finish exterior and slick form factor.

The soft interior means this is a great place to keep fragile items to keep them safe.

2. Scooter Lock

Your electric scooter is your pride and joy so keep it safe when you park it by securing it with a Cable or Chain Lock.

This one seems like a no brainer but can easily be forgotten. You can find combination locks, key locks, cable locks, folding locks, U-locks and chain locks at your local scooter hut store or online.

3. Universal Phone Mount

The Universal Phone Mount is an inexpensive and infinitely useful accessory for your electric scooter. It fits most popular electric scooters and is compatible with all mobile phones. For a more secure mount you might consider the Premium Handlebar Phone Holder which encloses your phone on all side for a firmer grip.

Use your phone's GPS app to easily navigate, quickly stop to take a call or listen to your Spotify playlist while you ride. These are just some of the advantages of mounting your phone to your electric scooter.

4. Tyre Sealant

If your model of electric scooter has tubeless tyres you'll want to keep a bottle of tubeless tyre sealant in your handlebar bag at all times. It's one of those "better to have it and not need it that need it and not have it" things so buy a bottle for insurance should you find yourself with a puncture.

5. Spare Battery

This would be our number 1 pick but it's not a feature that's available for all models. If your electric scooter supports it, a replaceable battery for your e-Glide G60 or Segway Ninebot ES2 gives you peace of mind knowing that you have a fully charged battery on you when you might need it.  

The e-Glide G60 Battery also comes with a handy and hard wearing carry bag to keep it safe and secure which is a nice touch.

6. Scooter Seat

One that again isn't available for all models of electric scooter, a seat can be attached quickly and easily to either the Segway Ninebot ES2 or the Xiaomi M365.

Can the load of your feet and ride in comfort. Fancy standing while you ride? Just remove the seat and ride your scooter as usual again until the next time to feel like riding seated.

Hopefully you find this list useful and some of these accessories can make your electric scooter experience better than ever.

Shop now or pop in to your local Scooter Hut store for more information.