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IHC vs HIC - What are the differences?


IHC vs HIC - Here are the differences

Many riders have been confused with the difference between HIC and IHC as companies evolve and strengthen their compression systems to build more reliable parts. We are going to break down the differences so you can walk away from this article knowing the Pros and Cons of both compression systems.

HIC or Hidden Internal Compression system is one of the earlier compression systems to evolve from scootering. HIC needs a HIC shim kit https://scooterhut.com.au/root-industries-hic-kit/

To be installed including a top cap and bolt for the actual compression mechanism to work. HIC can only work with oversized bars adding to the strength of larger/heavier scooters in the market. HIC/SCS forks are thicker than IHC, adding to the overall strength. Single, Double and Triple Bolt clamps traditionally are the given options for the bar to compress to the HIC Compression so there is minimal give when riding.

The following clamps are commonly used for HIC compression systems:



Clamp + Kit


IHC or Internal Hidden Compression was developed by Envy/Blunt Scooter brand focusing on a lighter version of the HIC system. IHC forks have a thinner shaft compared to its HIC comparison with a IHC shim sleeve that adds extra diameter for the instalment of standard sized bars and aluminium bars (28.6mm). The IHC compression requires a larger diameter top crown race to support the thin fork design whilst a thicker M8 - M10 bolt tighten the headset securely. Younger riders or riders looking for a strong but light scooter usually turn to the reliable system of IHC. Many complete scooters released recently have included the IHC system along with the Envy prodigy S8, Root Industries Invictus, Fuzion Z-375 and many other completes sold at Scooter Hut.

Envy IHC Kit https://scooterhut.com.au/envy-ihc-kit/

IHC Forks:



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