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Upgrade your current scooter with 30mm wide wheels. The easy way!


One of the newer innovations in pro scooter design recently, has been the introduction of 30mm wide wheels. These are a wider wheel than the standard 24mm and provide benefits such as better strength and durability, as well as a more stable and comfortable ride.

For most, upgrading to 30mm wide wheels meant having to buy an entire new scooter that came with them, but now you can upgrade just about any scooter on the market with our Root Industries Lotus Wheel Upgrade Packs.

These packs contain your choice of either a Root Industries Lithium or Invictus Fork, along with a pair of the Root Industries Lotus wheels. These Lotus Wheels have a 30mm wide riding surface but still have a standard 24mm core so they will fit most popular scooter decks without the need for new spacers or modifications. You can select 120mm or 110mm wheels as well as a HIC or IHC fork. So there is a 30mm Upgrade Pack for just about every scooter out there!

Click the links below to check out the upgrade packs.

Root Industries Lotus Upgrade Pack | 110mm X 30mm Invictus

Root Industries Lotus Upgrade Pack | 110mm X 30mm Lithium

Root Industries Lotus Upgrade Pack | 120mm X 30mm Invictus

Root Industries Lotus Upgrade Pack | 120mm X 30mm Lithium

If you have any further questions about compatibility of these upgrade packs, please contact our customer service team.

Congratulations Nathan on your Signature Forks!!!

Everyone at Scooter Hut would like to send a huge congratulations to our very own Nathan Fleming on the launch of his new Flemongo II Signature Forks by Native.For those who don't know, Nathan works at our Brisbane Scooter Hut Store at Springwood and we are hyped to share this new video promo for his [...]

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Movement ft. Ryan Gould | A Scooter Film By Cody Groom

Filmmaker Cody Groom has teamed up with pro scooter rider Ryan Gould to create one of the most visually stunning and inspiring videos about scootering that we have seen.Shot across many iconic San Francisco spots, Movement features some amazing, cinematic scooter clips. Along with this, the film follows pro rider Ryan Gould as he speaks [...]

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Havoc Storm 3.0 Arrives

The new Havoc Pro Scooters range of complete scooters have just landed in Australia.Canada's biggest scooter brand, Havoc Pro Scooters have been making waves in the scooter scene across North America and has finally landed on Australian shores!The Storm Complete Scooter is Havoc's entry level model aimed at the younger beginner to intermediate level rider!The [...]

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A Breath of Fresh Air!

It's great to see brands continuing to push the boundaries of technology in our sport and, all though most manufacturing techniques are not "new", bringing out a product that pushes both technology and us as riders!The all new Root Industries AIR Wheels not only look amazing, but feature hollowcore technology that makes them one of, [...]

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