Scooter Hut's Exclusive RWilly Land Tour.

Scooter Hut's Exclusive RWilly Land Tour.

16th Oct 2019

The new release collaboration from  Nitro Circus and Ryan Williams has arrived at Scooter Hut and the range covers all riding levels with the Replica Pro complete, and the smaller Pro Complete added to the 4 different sizes available.

When we knew we were getting this  Nitro Circus stock at Scooter Hut we reached out to the man himself to see if he could give us some behind the scenes info into what went into creating the all new Ryan Williams signature range. And since RWilly is the man he gave us an epic review and look at much more than just the latest collaboration!

A few Friday’s ago Scooter Hut was lucky enough to spend a full day getting some exclusive content about everything Ryan Williams and some RWIlly Land exclusives. We had an intimate chat asking all the questions, a review of the new signature range from the man himself, an exclusive tour of RWilly Land as well as an awesome session on his Mega Airbag with some never before done tricks with the Nitro Circus athlete.

Our first video “RWilly Land Tour! *EXCLUSIVE*” is now live! This video takes you on an exclusive tour of the entire RWilly Land. We created this video with all the footage from our in depth tour around the property by Ryan himself. Check the video out so you will get to see all the secrets and quirks of the property and hear about all the plans he has for it in the future.

Over the coming 3 weeks we will be releasing a series of videos documenting our time spent with with R Willy, including a sit down interview were we asked all the questions, a riding video and an in depth product review.

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