Scooter Hut Going Global - Our first International store and Arena

Scooter Hut Going Global - Our first International store and Arena

Posted by Kirsten Brown on 7th Sep 2018

Here at Scooter Hut we love giving back to the community. Nurturing this sport of scooter riding and the riders who love it, is what make us get out of bed each day. We are always on the lookout for exciting projects to get involved in and love receiving proposals for interesting initiatives. Sometimes these happen close to home, right here in Australia’s Gold Coast, but today we are excited to announce a project 15,803km away from our head office.

Welcome to Sola Skate Club, Norway. Tucked away in the Norwegian fjords is a small town with a big dream - A place for the towns kids and youth to ride and skate over the long winters where much of the land is covered in snow and the temperature is hovering below 5°.

Scooter Hut is excited to announce our partnership with the Sola Skate Club to build the first Scooter Hut Arena and scooter shop. Beside the local school and sports centers there is ground being broken for a brand new indoor scooter center. There will be a Scooter Hut Shop attached to the arena - the first outside of Australia - and an awesome park for riders of all ages to throw down their tricks and hang out with their mates.

Inclusivity is important to this town so though the venue will be known as the Scooter Hut Arena it will be a place where arms are held open wide for everyone. When finished we will be welcoming scooter, inline, BMX and skaters (and anyone else who just wants to come and watch the action) to enjoy the indoor park and join a positive community space.

The park is currently being built by volunteers and towns people, giving back to their community, one shovel at a time. The ramps coming in are from IOU Ramps, makers of the best ramps in the world. IOU stands for, Innovative Original Unique and these guys have built ramps all over the world, from Afghanistan to Austria and in 30 other counties since 1997. They will be using that wealth of experience and knowledge to create a beautifully designed and high quality park for the people of Sola to enjoy.

We love being able to support our sport, nurturing riders from all over the world and we are sure this park will be a melting pot of cultures, abilities, ages and sports. We are proud to be part of the dedicated team bringing people together to create a safe place for kids to learn, make friends and advance the sport of scootering, and we can't wait to be there soon cutting the ribbons on the opening of this incredible project. 

Follow the progress on Instagram @solaskateklubb