Refurbished electric scooters

Refurbished electric scooters

2nd Sep 2021

Have you ever heard about the concept of refurbished products? Let us explain. Brands such as Apple, Bose and even Amazon have led this initiative, where basically you as a consumer have the option to get a product that had a previous life with another consumer for a cheaper price.

Sounds familiar? The news is that Scooter Hut has joined the leading group and now you will be able to access refurbished Scooter Hut products. From now you can visit any of our Scooter Hut stores and check and purchase one of the Certified Refurbished electric scooters.

Like brand new Scooter Hut products, you will be packed with a promise that all features and functions on your electric scooter have been carefully inspected and tested by our expert technicians. However, you should remember that as with any refurbished device, the electric scooter probably has some minor marks or signs of wear & tear, the reason why you always MUST speak with our professional staff at the store and ask any important question you have to get a clear understanding do of the specifications on that scooter and your final expectations.

Scooter Hut Refurbished Scooter include:

  • Onsite servicing and support
  • Price up to 25% OFF
  • Some models might include package

Is there a warranty for a refurbished purchase?

Yes, we do offer a warranty on all our purchases, however, this warranty time and conditions can vary according to the model and features of each electric scooter.

What do you need to check when looking for a furbished electric scooter?

  • Find the story of the electric scooter
  • Check and ask questions about the battery life and its condition
  • Inspect and take notes of the cosmetic marks and signs of wear the scooter might have

Does it come with everything?

All the refurbished electric scooter offer by Scooter Hut comes with ALL the parts; you won't have to be worried about missing parts. Some of the pieces could also include the original package and box without additional cost. However, this can change from product to product.

Take Away

Refurbished products are a great option for those who hold a tight budget, if you are keen to check the options of refurbished scooters, we encourage you to do your research, make your list of pros and cons and visit your local store and check with our professional staff the inventory they hold.