Posted by Shaun Williams on 31st Jan 2018

Coming straight out of France with a riding style to match, Maxime Bouzid and his Welcome To Flavor part have people talking.... and for good reason!

Maxime is the most recent addition to the Australian home grown Flavor scooter's team yet has been showing the love towards Flavor's products since  all the way back in 2016 where he can be seen slaying everything in front of him all while keeping that Flavor deck beneath his feet.

Whether or not Maxime has always loved the products, or this as been a long time coming announcement to the team, the dude suits the part! Joining other team riders such as Boris Germmain, Jack Mccan, Andrew Zamora, Nathan Fleming and Jasper Russel-Dennis. 

From the moment the video started, i could tell the man behind the camera work and edit was Sebastien Prot (rootsboyproductions) which excited me even more so, knowing this video was going to be quality made. The riding took no time at all to back up the quality as Maxime fired out of the gate with some heavy lines and technical wizardry leaving me thankful we live in a world where rewind & re-watch is a possibility. 

My favorite part of the video comes in at 2:15 when Maxime throws down a deck grab to breakless manuel, straight into a backlip whip out on one of the most insanely original spots i've seen in recent times. 

I wont spoil the rest of the video for ya'll tho, the full edit can be found below and we highly recommend giving this one a watch!