Longway Scooters

Longway Scooters

Posted by Brenton Taylor on 30th Dec 2016

If you’re heavily involved in the scooter scene or are just a keen observer, you might have heard the name Longway floating around. 

Longway scooters are a new company coming in hot at the end of 2016 with three different models.
The Metro, the Sector & the Precinct.
At first look these scooters look and feel amazing, super light, strong and the colours...Wow! Introducing an ‘imitation carbon’ look which is a water dip process which looks freaking awesome! 

However, the best thing about this scooter is the price. A lot cheaper than most other models on the market right now make it a great option for those wanting to step up their game without the big price tag...will you ride one?

You can check out their website and specs here -