Juzzy Carter Signature Deck Promo

Posted by Shaun Williams on 24th Jan 2018


Juzzy Carter just dropped what might just be the best part of 2018.... IN JANUARY! If this is anything to go by, 2018 is going to be a massive year for scootering. 

With the release of his signature deck late last year, Juzzy has kept us in suspense waiting for his promo video to come out, and on Monday he answered everyone's prayer's & dropped it out of no where! The near 4 minute long masterpiece was exactly what you would expect from our dude with crazy rail's, insane technical scooter control and banger after banger.

Not only was the riding on point, but the filming/editing/song choice was PERFECT! Take the smooth transition at 1:39 or the rhythm of a trick & song linking up together at 2:04 for example. 

The entirety of the video was filmed in the USA and didn't come without setbacks such as injury's, stolen camera's and even being arrested! 

Blood, sweat and tears went into this for your enjoyment as a viewer, so we suggest kicking your feet up & grabbing a beverage as you wont be able to watch this video only once!