Jake Sorensen - Slumped Grippers Edit

Jake Sorensen - Slumped Grippers Edit

Posted by Jamie - Scooter Hut Event Manager on 26th Dec 2016

They were beckoning for a while now but the man Jake Sorensen has finally hit the PRO ranks! Well overdue in our eyes.

This video will definitely go a long way towards answering any questions as to whether he deserves his spot on the Pro team. It's no doubt that his time amongst the Hell Grip crew has gone a long way in making him the accomplished rider he is today.

A quick quote from the blurb confirms our believes that this guy can get it done...

"Jake's Slumped Grippers Promo was filmed after the release of his Hella Good Stuff part in only 4 months, proving that Jake can throw down anytime, anywhere."

Support Jake and pick up a pair of his Signature "Slumped" Grippers.

Filmed By: Anton Abramson, Johnny 2B, & Trevor Crowell

Edited By: Matt McKeen & David Bledsoe

Song: Yeah by Andre Nickatina