How To Progress To Become A Sponsored Scooter Rider

How To Progress To Become A Sponsored Scooter Rider

Posted by Scooter Hut Staff on 28th Jun 2022

Here's the truth, if you scoot professionally, you'd have dreamed of getting sponsored at least once in your life. And why not? You get paid handsomely, feature on the brand's website and get free equipment to test.

However, there is the right approach to progress yourself to get sponsored. And though it may seem challenging, it isn't impossible.

This article mentions useful tips to get sponsored as a scooter rider. Take a look.

4 Essential Aspects of Scooter Sponsorships

Passion for Skateboarding

It doesn't matter which career you decide to pursue in your life. One of the best things you could do is be passionate about your work. If you love skating, you'll not worry about being sponsored.

The funny thing is, this is what sponsors find appealing. They are looking for you to have fun, not trying to get sponsored. This approach is evident when you skate.

Skateboarding was intended to be fun, so keep it that way.

Of course, the thought of getting sponsored will cross your mind at some time, but do not obsess over it. Go with the flow, and the sponsorship will follow suit. If it doesn't, keep trying as there are always more doors to open!

Invest in Good Gear

Let's say you get approached by a brand and are asked to demonstrate your skills. Imagine your gear breaking down in the middle of everything.

You probably will feel embarrassed. That's why it makes sense to invest in high-quality and dependable electric scooters from a reputed seller like ScooterHut.

Promote Yourself & Get Noticed

To sell yourself as a candidate for sponsorship, you need to see yourself as a product.

That's how you start thinking like a salesperson. For people to purchase your product, they need to know the offering. This is where you step in and show the world what you got.

You can catch the eye of sponsors by demonstrating your skills online, participating in contests and making friends in the industry.

You have to show everything you got.

Network & Make Connections

Having the right friends is one of the key factors to getting sponsored. If possible, try to get in touch with the team manager of an event and get to know them. Or, if you know someone who knows the event manager, request them to make the introduction.

If you participate in any scooting event, it's also a great idea to get to know the other participants. They may come across your sponsor-me video (if you have created one) and consider referring you to any sponsors they know.

It's a good idea to establish as many relationships with skaters and non-skateboarders as possible.

Be friendly and offer value.

Final Word

Getting sponsorship shouldn't be your goal. Instead, try to show your skills and establish your worth in big events. Sponsors always appreciate the talent and are willing to pay for it.