Havoc Hoss Complete Scooter

Havoc Hoss Complete Scooter

Posted by Shaun Williams on 16th Jan 2018

Ok lets start this thing off by mentioning the Havoc HOSS scooter sports a 5.3" WIDE X 22" LONG DECK.... ON A COMPLETE! That's a major tick in the box towards Havoc and their Hoss complete!

This is one of Havoc's 2018 complete range of scooters, and its a BEAST. You will find a set of T-bars standing at 680mm high and 610mm wide, so not only is the deck made for the bigger guys, the bars are too! You will get a total foot space of around 400mm to play around on. The deck is not quite completley square but does have a flat front blunt plate, and the back dropout's looking quite similar to that of a Ride 858. The scooter comes completley blacked out with some white logo's here and there, so its perfect for customizing and adding other colours to the complete in the future!

One of the coolest things about this complete is that straight out of the box it comes with a second set of FREE two toned grips and green wheels! Thats something we have never seen anyone offer before.

You will be running a SCS compression and 110mm wheels on this bad boy, and straight out of the box will weigh in at 3.3kg's

We would reccomend this scooter for someone who is looking at taking a beating to it! May not be the most ideal ride to start learning some briflips on, but perfect for taking your riding to the next level!