Father's Day Picks for Big Kids

Father's Day Picks for Big Kids

Posted by Sully on 24th Aug 2018

It's that time of year again, time to show our love for the Dad's. Whether you are a new Dad, seasoned Dad, love your Dadda, miss your Papa, oh-so-wish-to-be a father, or have a Dad-like special person in your life then it’s time to celebrate. 


This Father's day give that scooter Dad in your life the gift they secretly have been longing for! Our Father's Day gift guide for their inner big kid. 

Let's hear it for your #raddad

The Commuter Dad

Globber My Too 18.0 KS-BR Adult Commuter Scooter | W/ Brake

Perfect for every dad on the move, the Globber My Too 18.0 KS-BR Adult Commuter Scooter is adjustable for people from 3’9” to 6’2” in height and up to 100Kg.

It is equipped with the piston-assisted Kleefer folding system enabling the scooter to be effortlessly and gently folded up in one second, with a simple foot pressure on the pedal. This ergonomic scooter grows with its user. It is equipped with adjustable, curved and wide handlebars/T-Bar adapted for daily use in true comfort.

Coming with 180mm bi-injection PU casted wheels, it’s one of the fastest adult scooters available for riding around on and features a handbrake to slow you down too. The Globber ONE K ACTIVE Adult Commuter Scooter combines style and innovation to revolutionise urban transport for adults. Equipped with the quick and simple Kleefer folding system, it is easily carried in ‘trolley’ mode.

The Off-road Dad

Lucky LS Gunmetal Dirt Scooter

For the dad who likes to go off the beaten track and into the elements, we recommend the Lucky LS Gunmetal Dirt Scooter. The Lucky LS Gunmetal dirt scooter was designed and tested in partnership with Lucky pro rider Li’l Jon Aglialoro in order to fine tune handling and performance. The result of their hands-on testing has paid off and a dirt scooter was born. The solid design and high-end components on this new lineup of Dirt Scooters make for the ultimate dirt experience!

As you can see the Lucky Dirt Scooter Collection comes loaded with many premium components. This gives you a balanced ride so it can carve through hard turns, eat big hits, and scream down hills.

The High End Dad

Root Industries AIR Custom Complete Scooter | Gold Rush

The dad who appreciates the finer things in life need look no further than the Root Industries AIR Custom Complete Scooter in the Gold Rush finish. Dripping in elegance and top quality Root Industries components, this is the scooter that will help dad escape the paparazzi and board the private jet.

Available in small, medium and large configurations, there is a Root Industries complete for every size. For the first time ever dad can ride a complete setup crafted by Root's Pursuit of Perfection. So go ahead treat yo dad, he’s earned it!

The Park Dad

Longway Precinct V2 Complete Scooter

If dad is wanting to send it at the parks, the Longway Precinct V2 Complete Scooter is our pick.

With an overall height of 960mm and a 5” wide park style deck, makes this scooter perfect for dad to take on some transitions and hit a gap or two.

The Longway Precinct v2.0 Complete Scooter is the premium model of their new complete scooter range & an upgrade to their v1.0 model, built using only the highest standards of manufacturing and technology Longway are famous for.

The Street Style Dad

Ride858 High Roller MK2 Complete Scooter

If your dad has dreams of handrails, ledges and big stair sets, then the Ride858 High Roller MK2 Complete Scooter is the whip he needs to cop. Designed with a taller rider in mind, this 5” wide scooter has all the foot room needed to kill the streets in comfort. Featuring all the street scooter staples such as square dropouts, T-Bars, SCS compression and 120mm wheels, your old man is gonna have grinds locked in for days.

Every part on the High Roller Complete Scooter is uniquely designed and stylishly finished just like your dad.