Explore the e-Glide electric scooter range at Scooter Hut.

Explore the e-Glide electric scooter range at Scooter Hut.

15th Nov 2019

At Scooter Hut, we have the biggest and best range of electric scooters. Two of our favourite, and best selling models come from e-Glide. 

e-Glide's scooters have industry leading features that are not found on any others on the market.

Below we will take a look at and compare the two models, the e-Glide G60 and the e-Glide G120.

The first thing that separates these scooters from the rest of the pack is their innovative battery systems. Both e-Glide models boast what may be the best electric scooter battery ever! 

Their high quality Panasonic batteries are easily removable and can be charged separately from the scooter. This feature allows you to carry a second battery and instantly refuel on the go or also conveniently charge up wherever you like without needing to carry the entire scooter.

Across both e-Glide models you will also find a simple to use folding mechanism allowing you to collapse the scooter in seconds, but also locks in place firmly and does not give you any handlebar wobble at all while riding.

The e-Glide G60 and G120 both are equipped with a rear disc brake that will give confident stopping power. 

When comparing the G60 vs the G120, there are two main differences between these scooters.

The G120 has a larger capacity battery which allows it to travel a maximum range of 45km vs the 25km maximum of the G60.

Next, the G60 is fitted with 8.5" tubeless tyres which are great for zippy trips around the city. Whereas the G120 features 10" pneumatic tyres which are better suited for comfort on longer journeys. 

A unique feature found only on the G60 is the ability to fit the additional Wide Bar Upgrade Kit. This kit widens the handlebars by 80mm giving a more stable ride and confident steering.

You can check out the amazing line of e-Glide electric scooters by clicking here or visit a Scooter Hut showroom near you. We have six locations all over Australia.