Envy Prodigy S8 Spec Review.

Envy Prodigy S8 Spec Review.

7th Nov 2019

Envy S8

To say that we are hyped to announce the arrival at Scooter Hut of the long awaited  Envy Prodigy Series 8 Complete Scooter range would be a huge understatement. 

The King of the Kings, the “Bugatti La Voiture Noire” of the scooter world is now available at Scooter Hut. Envy's Prodigy model has historically been the most anticipated launch of the year and this year’s version is indeed something special. 

This all new Series 8 Prodigy is available as the Standard version ideal for park ridding alongside the Street Edition which features some street upgrades. 

Brand new to the  Prodigy Series 8 range, the Street Edition offers specific features a larger deck, boxed ends and a set of 4130 Thermal chromoly T-bars that takes your street game to da next level. The S8 Street Edition comes in two epic finishes Black and Grey

The Prodigy S8 scooters are available in 6 of the most poppin' finishes that Envy has ever produced.  VenomScratchOil SlickJadeGold and Burnt Pipe and comes just under the $300 mark.

Envy Prodigy S8  Envy Prodigy S8 Street Edition

The new Prodigy Series 8 models are over half a kilogram lighter than their predecessor – the hugely popular Prodigy Series 7, The reduction of weight comes from the addition of a cut out in the bottom of the deck which also helps with preserving the awesome graphic finishes and the Series 7 steel bars are now replaced on the S8 with high density aluminium reaper style bars which also contributes to the reduction in weight (please note: the Street Edition has Cro-Mo T style thermal bars).

We took a look under the hood of the new Series 8 and compared them with the Series 7 to get a true picture of the changes to the range. 

Prodigy Series 7 Prodigy Series 8
Weight 4.05kg (8.92lbs) 3.45kg (7.6lbs)
Overall Height*                           870mm (34.25”)                          865mm (34")
Bar Width (with bar ends) 540mm (21.25”) 565mm (22.2")
Bar Height (with bar ends) 630mm (24.8”) 620mm (24.4")
Deck Length^ 495mm (19.48”) 500mm (19.7")
Deck Width  120mm (4.7”) 120mm (4.7")
Foot Space^^ 340mm (13.4”) 340mm (13.4")
Wheels  120mm Hollow core                 120mm "GAP" Core
Compression IHC IHC  

Prodigy Series 7 Prodigy Series 8 Street Edition
Weight 4.05kg (8.92lbs) 4kg (8.8lbs)
Overall Height* 870mm (34.25”) 895mm (35.23")
Bar Width (with bar ends)                540mm (21.25”) 600mm (23.6")
Bar Height (with bar ends) 630mm (24.8”) 650mm (25.6")
Deck Length^ 495mm (19.48”) 510mm (20")
Deck Width  120mm (4.7”) 125mm (4.9")
Foot Space^^ 340mm (13.4”)                                360mm (14.2")
Wheels 120mm Hollow core 120mm "GAP" Core
Compression IHC IHC

 * Overall height is measured from the ground to the top of the bars.

^ Deck length is measured from the front of the deck plate to the rear and does not include the distance to the head tube.

^^ Foot space is the space between the neck tube and the brake and is the physical area that you can stand on.

Envy Series 7

This Prodigy release just shows again that Envy are on top of the game and one of the leaders in the industry. We are so excited with the new additions to the new S8 range and that it caters to both street and park riders.